Friday, 1 April 2016

Friday Favourites: 1st April 2016

Pinch Punch first of the month...ahhhh I can't believe it’s already April the first quarter of the year is up and panic is starting to set in….Will I reach my goals? What am I doing with my life? Shall I move house? When will Adam propose...gawd soo many questions!

But although there is panic there is always light so I will share my fave things of the week. I think it is always worth reflecting on the good things that have happened in your week as sometimes it can be easier to just think about the bad and that is not helping anybody!

Getting back into baking
This week I received a new monthly subscription box service ‘Bake Box’ and it is all about baking. I do not pretend to be an amazing baker I do not even pretend to be a good one but I do like to try to make easy to make snacks you can see some of my attempts here with rockyroads and ThaiGreen Curry . I will do a full review of the Bake Box next week this month’s theme is Spring Time in Paris so madeleines and macaroons are on the cards but I just wanted to show off my madeleines...aren’t they bright and dreamy...they taste alright too.
bake box
Spring Accessories
Spring is finally here which means not only my wardrobe needs updating but my accessories as well. I have been loving these MiuMiu sunglasses from Shade Station and these drop earrings are stunning from JamieLondon with a Aztec style gold stud and a white teardrop. They both will be perfect for my wedding and Ascot this weekend.
spring accessories
Dreamy Skin
This baby (Amazing Cosmetics concealer) is back in my hands. I first tested out AmazingCosmetics when it launched here in the UK and the concealer, in Light Beige’ was just incredible and the small tube lasted about a year. I was devastated when it came to an end but I have got a brand spanking new one and as I have has a few break outs recently it could not have come at a better time. I have also been using this with Amazing Cosmetics Anti-AgingFace Primer and my skin looks pretty darn smooth with these two together.
amazing cosmetics
There was a bit of tech in my last Friday Favourites and I thought I would share some more. I have been getting fed up with my Apple earphones falling out every time Justin Bieber I mean...something a lot cooler came on. The answer to this first world problem is headphones and these ones from FatBuddha have been on my head all week; I have been looking pretty snazzy.
Lifestyle blog

You may have noticed that Time2Gossip has been changing over the past few months, with a lot more content, a YouTubechannel and the shift to a more Lifestyle theme there is more emphasis on Travel this like weeks Jersey article and I will be pondering more on Lifestyle themes and letting my lovely readers know a bit more about my life and the thoughts in my head. If you want to see anything in particular just let me know.

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