Tuesday 30 October 2012

A Little Bit of Lush...

Lush now does makeup? Have a look at the NEW Emotional Brilliance range:

The Cream Eyeshadow
(£14.50 each)

Thick like body paint and a great colour range, check out WISE a Karki green colour.

The Mascara

Make your 'Eyes Right' with a simple mascara that can be used on the most sensitive eyes. The key ingredient in 'Eyes Right' is Wheatgrass that conditions the lashes.

Add more coats for a more dramatic look!

Emotional Brilliance
This genius product is at the heart of Lush's makeup range - this translucent face powder will set colour supplements and you should use to finish the look, just brush evenly outwards from the nose.

Skin Tints 
(£12.00 each)

'Feeling Younger' is one of Lush's Skin Tint's that reflects light to brighten the skin. This contains 'magic orange' pigment which works as a reflector on the skin - use on the contours of the skin for an enhanced glow like Kim Kardashian (BELOW).

So head over to Lush today and gets your hands on these 'LUSH' products :-)

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