Tuesday 19 August 2014

Anyone up for a spot of Afternoon Tea?

1. The Playboy Club

Where2Go: between 5pm - 7pm  @ Salvatores Bar, Playboy Club, London
The Price: £30 per person

Last month The Playboy Club launched a playful Afternoon Tea with delicious cakes and a twist on tea & cocktails. 

As you walk in live piano music is playing creating a relaxed but elegant setting to have your spot of late afternoon tea.

We first got treated to specially created Te'Freddo Teapot Cocktails developed by Salvatore himself! We went for:

SPICY - Sencha Green tea, Vodka, Lemongrass, Cardamon, Eucalyptus, Cocchi Americano aperitif and lime flavoured sugar


FRUITY - Lychee jasmine tea, pisco, lychee agave and peach liqueurs, white peach purée and orange juice.

These definitely tingled the senses being served in ice cold glasses and were delicious! 

Iconic Bunnies who were not cheesy but absolutely lovely!!! Served up our exquisite afternoon tea with homemade savory sandwiches with a selection of Steak, Salmon and Egg variations and the cutest desserts, including the finely crafted Bunny Ear Cupcake and every Bunny’s favourite; a traditional carrot cake also a tiny macaroon and deconstructed scone.

This is somewhere I will be visiting again soon, maybe to start a night out or a pre-theatre trip! 

2. Carmina Lancelot

Where2Go: Wigmore Street, London
The Price: £21.50 for afternoon tea
More Info: www.carminalancelot.com

Carmina Lancelot is a quaint cafe and perfect for a spot of some traditional afternoon tea after shopping at Selfridges (basically next door to each other)! 

After sipping some classic Earl Grey tea, we received homemade scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream. A selection of sandwiches which included salmon, egg, chicken & tarragon and cucumber & cream cheese. - all free range!

It did say on the menu selection of afternoon pastries and fruit cakes (but these never appeared! I would confirm what you will be receiving before you order, not to be disappointed)

But we were so full it did not matter it was lovely to have a traditional afternoon tea.


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