Tuesday 5 August 2014

The Aura - GHD

The Price: £145
Where2Buy: Selfridges
The Gossip: ghd launches the Aura a hairdryer not only for drying but styling as well.

It's by time I tried out a new hair dryer as I am pretty sure mine is currently celebrating it's 10th birthday. Today the ghd Aura arrived and my it looked so pretty.

I have already experienced the Aura once with a professional blow dry from the ghd team but did not actually try it out myself!

The main aim of The Aura is to create volume and shine. ghd have used innovative technology to ensure success of The Aura and make it stand out among other hairdryers.

The laminair technology enables the air to be highly concentrated so it only works on the targeted hair not adding precision to styling and more control.

This new technology is also meant to make hair 47% more shiny with the focused airflow and speed.

The Aura also uses cool-wall technology, creating a ring of cool air around the hot air. This keeps the nozzle cool and without this heat you can get a lot closer to your scalp to enable root lift and volume, setting the style as it dries. 

Top Tip: To fix your hair in place you can utilise the cold shot function.

I think the first difference between The Aura and other hair dryers was the weight - this hairdryer is so light and extremely quiet. The Aura is easy to use and your can alter the temperature to get close to the root of your hair. 

I can quite easily see the added volume to my hair which is great, especially as I didn't use any product.

There was some shine added to the hair, more so when the ghd team blow dried my hair, I am interested to see if the hairdryer would help when using hair product to enhance shine as it might make them work better.

In my eyes this is a fab hairdryer and my old one is in the bin :-) 



  1. i really want to buy this! it sounds amazing! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2014/08/mememe-cosmetics.html xx

  2. Wow, looks fancy! :) I really like it!

  3. The ghd aura is fab. Don't blame you for putting the old one in the bin :)


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