Friday 17 October 2014

Restaurant of the month: Ping Pong

Ping Pong, is my favourite Chinese dim sum restaurant enabling you to surround yourself with food so you have no more space on the table for your mobile phone. 

Not only is there scrumptious food but the authentic cocktails and gourmet teas that all have a unique British twist.

Ping Pong is available across London, in eight locations with new artesian cocktails and autumnal inspired dim sum dishes are available.

So we had the special Sunday Special which for just over £15 you can have as much Dim Sum as you would like!

We had:

Garlic and black pepper prawn crackers with a spicy mango dip £1.95

Fried & Gridled
Duck Spring Rolls, £4.45
Prawn Toast with Seaseme Seads, £4.15 
Potato and edamame Cake £3.05
Beef & Chili Parcels £4.15


Roast Pork Puff £4,15

Rice Dishes
Vegetable sticky rice £4.15
Chicken and mushroom rice pot £6.15

beef dumpling £3.95


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