Wednesday 29 October 2014

Weekend in London with my Mum!

With mummy down (yes I do use Mummy) we planned a fun filled weekend.

Where: Brasserie Blanc, Charlotte Street, London
The Price: Average price for two courses: £14.95
The Gossip: Tucked away this restaurant is full of character and perfect for a 'warm you up' lunch with a relaxing vide.

We headed down to Brasserie Blanc, a French restaurant group with some delicious items - too many to choose from. The decor was very traditional, warm & cosy with low romantic lightening.

This is definitely a little gem in the heart of London.

To Drink

Matthew Clark has created a new house sparkling wine, Mousseux Premium Blanc de Blancs. Brasserie Blanc’s answer to its popular and not-so-very-French cousin prosecco, the sparking wine is made from a special blend of French grapes resulting in a fresh fruity style.

A perfect acopminant to your meal.

I has the oh so beautifully arranged Atlantic Shrimp which comes in a quaint pot mixed with nutmeg butter. The best way to eat this is to place the little prawn deliciousness on to the bread and go from there!

Mother had Cheddar Cheese Soufflé - poke a hole in the top then pour in the rich cheddar sauce for fab starter - it also comes in a tiny frying pan! 

Main Course

As it was pretty grim outside so I thought this would warm the UK up with a roast! Pork Belly with Chateau Potatoes, delicious poached crab apples and of course the piece de resistance - crackling!!

Mum went for something that I would never choose the Lamb Kidney Casserole - but doesn't it look delicious?!?

We will be back! 

Theatre Trip - Wicked
Where: Victoria - right by the station
The Price: From £15
The Gossip: It's been out for ages, and has that famous that Rachel from Glee sang 'Gravity' - I am pretty sure that is the reason there was so many children in the audience...

Full after our meal we headed to The Apollo Theatre in Victoria to watch Wicked which I had been wanting to watch since it launched. 

Going to the theatre is a very rare treat for me and I loved everything about it, the songs, the music and the characters, especially 'Gravity' where I think every child related to due to Glee.

Few things I was unsure of :

  • What was the point of the dragon, it puffed some smoke at some point but didn't do anything else. Did it get lost from another set?!?
  • The music was amazing but the story line  to me had some flaws like why is the main story line about animals losing their voice? Surely there could of been something more realistic? 
Ah well still really enjoyed it!

Kew Gardens

Where: Richmond upon Thames, map can be found here:
The Price: Tickets are £15 for an adult and children under 16 go free! 
The Gossip: If you love looking at flowers and plants of all different colours and sizes with a Peacock or two - this is the place for you!

I can't explain how big Kew Gardens is to explore! You definitely can not do it all in a day - it would be impossible especially if you wore heeled boots like my sister did. 

With a rain forest to explore, green houses filled to the brim with orchids, a treetop walk and a lily pad bigger than me, Kew Gardens surprised me with so much to explore, beautiful array of flowers and the tranquil atmosphere - if you don't go near the kids play area.

I will definitely be going back maybe for the Christmas themed nights.

Also visit the shop it's got some lovely items from the Royal Horticultural society and ornate  Christmas items - I ended up buying some peacock feathers - go me!


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