Wednesday 24 December 2014

Restaurant of the month: La Tasca

The Restaurant: La Tasca
The Location: Most of the UK
Average price: £25

It's January and T2G suggests heading to La Tasca to get your full of Spanish Tapas.

What to drink
The number one drink in La Tasca is the Sangria and unfortuabtley I am not a fan of the main ingredient 'Red Wine' but La Tasca has a solution 'Cava Sangria'.  

A little appetiser to start
To take me all the way to Spain I had some bread with oils and olives - a simple starter, to not get to full so I am all ready for the tapas.

For Tapas it's best to choose between two or three each to share. So between two people we had:
  • Calamares, squid in batter with sea salt - (as an FYI this dish was massive)
  • Potatas Bravas, drizzled in a spicy tomato sauce and roasted garlic mayo.
  • Chicken Wings, in a smokey sauce.
  • Paella Del Dia, which is a smallest potion of the daily paella special.
We also tried the two specials I wasn't sure on the pork as it was too chewy for my liking but the prawns were delish.
  • Roast belly pork with chorizo and a sherry and tomato sauce.
  • Gabas on a skewer, king prawns with garlic and basil.

After all the delicious tapas I was pretty stuffed but as usual I could not resit a dessert. I shared the Fondant de Chocolate with vanilla Madagascan ice cream - which was extremely indulgent and was a lovely finish to the meal

What kind of Tapas do you normally choose? 



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