Friday 23 January 2015

£10 Makeup Challenge

Being a beauty blogger I am always using a range of different brands some inexpensive others are quite pricey like Laura Mercier but I do not necessarily rate quality on the price!

I have been set a challenge by Essence Cosmetics to create a look that costs under £10 and review the results, I of course gladly accepted. 

What are your thoughts on the final look?

Products used:
  • Get BIG! LASHES volume CURL mascara - £2.29
  • Eye Shadow - £1.59
  • Lipstick - £1.99
  • Kajal Eyeliner - £0.99
  • Silky Touch Blush - £2.49
Total: £9.35

This is a total bargain, bearing in mind the average woman spends around £104* every month on skin, hair and nail products. 

I started with the blush which was subtly prominent from the get go, no need to build it up. To lighten after brush application I used my fingers to smudge for the final look. The eye shadow was my favourite out of all the products as it easily glided on and had a subtle shimmer. It wasn't too dark and would be a great product to use for Smokey eyes. The eyeliner which I used on the lid and the underside of my eye glided on fine and was a deep black, which was good as some are very faded and look more like grey. The mascara did not make my eyes as curly as I wanted but hey it was only £2.29. My only other comment is watch out through the day for mascara dust falling on your face. The lip gloss was a nice pale pink and really finished the look.

It just shows you, you don’t need to spend a fortune to look fabulous!

* Survey results source can be found on the Daily Star.


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