Monday 19 January 2015

Mani Monday: Nail Magic

The Gossip: The secret to shiny nails is not eating the correct food or taking expensive nail pills but using MICRONail
The Price: £39.99

The company that introduced us Micro Pedi a great product for achieving salon worthy feet has launched MICRO Nail for shiny healthy nails without the need for polish. If I am not mistaken there is no other product like this on the market today. 

So I hear you ask, what does MICRO Nail actually do??? Well it makes your nails look healthy and like you have used a coat of clear nail varnish to make your nails shine, when actually you have nothing on. This effect can last up to two weeks, great if you want to give you nails a break or to go for the Kate Middleton look of au-natural.

Use the 'MICRO Smooth' roller (the white roller) to buff away ridges, reduce staining and stop that dry appearance that can occur with flaking. The next step is the last use the 'MICRO Shine' roller (the grey roller) for a beautiful shine.

Have you tried it yet?


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