Wednesday 10 June 2015

HTC One M9 & Nails

This weekend I was invited by Three UK to have a manicure and test out the new HTC One M9 Smartphone. With my iPhone 5S currently being a bit of a disappointment on the camera and battery front and my contract up in October, it was a great opportunity to see what all the fuss was about and like most ladies I love having my nails done.

The venue at MW Nails was chic, based in Old Spitalfields Market decked out as an aeroplane which would get anyone in the holiday mood, especially as I am heading on my summer vacation soon to visit my little brother Robbie Kay. It was perfect for Three UK with their Feel At Home service that offers free international roaming to 18 destinations, which is great for me because I am a Three UK user :-).

After meeting the other bloggers from Wonderlusting and Jess from Look What I Got I got my hands on the pretty impressive HTC One M9 I had to get to grips with the fact there is no round button that makes it turn on, it's on the side (how cray). After getting my head around the technical aspects I got stuck into the different apps and of course the camera – most of the photos below have been taken on the HTC One M9.

The camera has got some pretty nifty features:
·        Instagram style themes
·        A photobooth frame that takes four photos.
·        A selfie mode, when you show some teeth the camera shoots.

After some nibbles, prosecco and a manicure I was ready to take some nail selfies or 'nailfie'! 

The perfect “nail selfie” used the HTC One M9 and a specially prepared Feel at Home selfie-station which had lots of holiday inspired props.

Some top tips to look after your nails in summer from the lovely ladies at MW Nails:

1. Always take a good nail file and cuticle oil when you venture abroad.
2. After a manicure it's best to apply a topcoat one or two days after to keep the shine and to ensure your manicure lasts longer.
3. It's easy to create little patterns on your nails just by using a thin paintbrush, remember to use a contrasting colour.
4. Instead of using a cotton bud to tidy up your nails, use pure acetone from Boots and a thin paintbrush.

Do you have any top nail tips? 


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