Monday 23 November 2015

Monday Favourites

So this is the first in a spanking new series, although it will not occur on a Monday but a Friday as a great way to end the week. I will be taking you through my favourite items from the week from homewares through to beauty. SO let’s get to it, this week my faves consist of an array of beauty items and also getting a little bit out of my comfort zone with blue hair and boobs on display BUT I love it.

1. Lipsy Love Michelle

You might have seen my post about the Lipsy Love Michelle launch and I absolutely love this LBD from the collection, its perfect for the party season. It adds a little bit of sparkle and showcases a little bit of boob whist keeping everything synced in with an elasticated waist, a bit like spandex but looks fabulous. I genuinely felt like Michelle in this dress, glamorous head to toe.

2. ANNA Cosmetic

Keeping in with the glamour theme, I have been trying Anna Cosmetic Caviar face masks they come in a little gold box which sits in the fridge, which is fine as my makeup boxes are bursting. Putting caviar on your face makes it feel expensive and you know it’s working some type of magic. Now admittedly it doesn't look like caviar when you smudge it on, I did try to do a glamorous pose but failed miserably.
anna cosmetic
3. Charli XCX for Impulse

A few weeks ago I headed to the launch of Charli XCX for Impulse it made me reminisce about my youth and the fact that I used to bloody LOVE Impluse. Charli sung a few of her hits with Boom Clap as one of my faves. Charli has launched two scents, 'Vanilla Kisses' it doesn't take a genius to figure out what this smells like and 'Rock & Love', an oriental scent featuring a mix of fresh and fruity fragrance notes. These retail at £1.99.

4. L.A.B Make Me Blush Brush

This is my favourite brush for bronzer at the moment with the winter creeping in I am focusing more on blusher with a light sweep of bronzer and these brushes are perfect.
4. Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss from Sephora
This Enamoured Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer in HeyYou is beaute, the pigmentation is unreal and perfect for the festive season. I actually think this will look great with my Lipsy LBD. It plumps up the lips and has a gloss that looks like a mirror.
marc jacobs lip gloss
5. Pixie Lott Paint

If you have been watching my SnapChat, Time2Gossip FYI, then you would of seen my hair going blue for Halloween. I thought that this launch from Pixie Lott was great, bit odd as she never died her hair before but hey ho neither have I and I was intrigued by the fact it washes out so quickly. Although it did not go as bright as Pixie’s hair on the bottle and looked slightly green it was great I felt like Kylie Jenner and I cannot wait to try some of the other products in the range. Please note thought, that the dye is still in my hair slightly, it does take a while to wash out and I used two boxes for my hair.
pixie lott paint
6. Sensationail

These gel polishes have literally changed the way I do my nails; it’s hard to go back to painting my nails without a UV light. It does take a little longer but my nails look so shinny when applied and it lasts for at least a week - literally in LOVE and this nude shade is perfect for going with all outfit choices. For the full Gel Nail starter kit, click here.
7. Toffee Apple Tea

You can tell this post should have not only been up on a Friday but before the 31st October as well - I am sorry! But this tea is incredible it’s so flavoursome, as you can see I love Whittard I have covered their products quite a few times and this Toffee Apple favloured tea is tasty even if it’s not on Halloween.
toffee apple tea


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