Saturday 30 January 2016

Saturday Favourites: 30th January

Ooops this is super late as it should of gone out yesterday for my Friday Favourites article but oh well...I was so lazy that my new diet went out the window and I not only ordered a pizza but garlic bread and chicken strips as well which equates to about 10000000 calories. 

Anyway this weeks favourites has ended up focusing around the things that keep me sane and chilled. I am quite an anxious person and this year it is one of my goals to really give myself some "me time". It is so easy to say but to actually dedicate time is really hard. The most depressing day of the year has been and gone but it's still dark and miserable outside with storms heading this way…the words stressed and depressed come to mind. So here are my favourite things for my 'me time'. Remember take each day as it comes and be happy.
UGG Australia SCUFFETTE slippers in CHESTNUT
UGG Australia slippers SCUFFETTE CHESTNUTI have really been trying to get back into the swing of things since Christmas but with my to do list like 5 pages long it has been making me feel anxious and a bit stressed. So this week I have been having nice warm baths with some trashy magazines, reality TV on or the monthly issue of the Waitrose magazine, thats right I LOVE it and no I have never actually made any of their recipes. Then slip into your pyjamas and the comfiest slippers you can find for me there really is only one winner and they are these UGG slippers from Cloggs. They are literally the first thing I put on in the morning...even thinking about them makes me relax.
colouring bookI have been making sure that every day I dedicate at least 30 minutes to keeping my mind busy but not on work and the answer to this is to get an adult colouring book, I literally get lost in my book and they are great presents, my mum has finished one already!

Another outlet for keeping your mind busy but relaxed is to start looking into your next holiday. I am currently researching my trip to Iceland in March and it is making me so excited knowing I will be away from normal life soon and planning exciting things to do, although not sure you will get me diving in freezing cold water!
lonely planet iceland
I have got into a ritual this week, when I get home I light up all the candles in my lounge like this one from AromaWorks, they are actually lit now. The aroma and mood lightening does wonders to my mental health and just makes the whole evening or day so much more relaxing.
Someone that I missed over Christmas and my recent press trips has been my little baby Dylan or Dill Pickle as he is commonly known as and doesn't he look so bloody handsome in this picture. My cat the model. Anyway animals definitely have calming qualities and Dylan always makes me happy even when I feel a bit down. Even if you can't get a large animal get a fish or something I promise it will have a calming effect.
dylan the cat


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