Wednesday 23 March 2016

10 Life Hacks You Need

Today I wanted to impart some wisdom to my lovely readers in the form of my ‘top life hacks’ featuring a bit of home, beauty, food and general life hacks that will change your world if you’re not currently using them! (Maybe not change your world…but they will make life easier!)
walkers tear n share

crisp hack1. Sharing is caring: I find it très annoying when people shove there grubby mitts into my tiny crisp packet, don’t you? But do not threat I have a solution. After you open up any bag of crisps all you need to do is roll up from the bottom and voila you have a packet of crisps for sharing.

If you are really savvy you will just purchase the new Walkers Tear 'n' Share packets of crisps that turn into a bowl, ideal for sharing. Life changer is an understatement; I was chatting to a friend who said at work you just open it up and see how quickly the packer disappears. Come to me big packet of crisps…no hacks necessary!

2. Golden rule of baking: A hack handed down from Mummy Kay, always use the size and shape dish/tin that the recipe asks for. You may not see it as a hack but think about it, do you actually check that your tin/dish match up to your recipe? Do you always wish you cake, flan or whatever it may be is looking a little sparse or overflowing? DING DING DING it is probably a dish issue.

3.Stuck for a Champagne stopper? You don't need to finish the whole bottle because you are scared of wasting precious fizz. A small teaspoon will do wonders; I am not sure what magical powers it holds but put it upside down in your fizz and it will be fizzy for days
champagne hack
4. Don't have ice for smoothies?! Either you have nowhere to store a big bag of ice or you simply do not have any in the house. I always freeze some of my fruit as it makes a great chilled smoothie without the need for ice. Even if you just put it in the freezer for an hour it will make a big difference. Also it won't go off if you don't manage to eat it #WinWin.

bar cart hack
5. Gold furniture spray paint should be in reaching distance at all times: When it comes to home decor or interior decorating I am a true believer that gold can solve most furniture / decor disasters. When I say 'gold' I don't mean bright Gold, you need to go for the rusty colour, I purchase mine from Homebase here. I see it as an essential, pops of gold can really spruce up anything and great for IKEA hacks. Check out my IKEA VITTSJO table, it was so BLAH to look at and I transformed it into a beautiful bar cart!

6. Pinterest your life: If you are an organisation freak, like me and you don't have Pinterest get on it quick, it is a game changer. I find it so easy to organise my life when I have a plan on Pinterest - decorating, recipes, Christmas presents etc. You can also make your boards secret if you don't want people to see you are crazy such as future baby room or wedding (not even married yet!).

7. Pass me the vinegar: Mirrors always get so grubby, usually with makeup OOPSY. If you use normal mirror cleaner it seems to just leave massive streaks that make the mirror look worse. My tried and tested hack is to get out the Vinegar...leaving your mirrors oh so clean with no mucky streaks. Vinegar is actually a god send in the cleaning world there are loads of uses for it, just give it a Google.
vinegar for cleaning
8. More volume please: Everyone can do with a little bit more volume and a hack I swear by is to dry your hair upside down for a bit more VaVaVoom.

9. Soft kissable lips: I use a little toothbrush to get super soft lips before a night out. Just use it in a small circular motion with a bit of lip salve, I am currently using Carmax.  If this is not working for you I swear by the Lush lip scrub.

10. Want faster drying nails? It is simple just dip them into icy water.
products for soft lips
Hope you enjoyed my 10 life hacks; it would be great to hear yours
walkers tear n share
This post is in collaboration with Walkers but my love of Crisps and hacks is all my own

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