Friday 18 March 2016

Freeport Braintree: Discounts? Yes please

Heavily discounted clothing, beauty products and homeware? Yes please…

If you are like me and lust over a good discount especially when it’s not in a sale like ‘manner’ i.e everything dumped on a table. Then you will love this article on Freeport Braintree outlet described as the 'Premier Outlet in Essex' I have always wanted to visit Essex and with some shopping thrown in, why the hell not!.
freeport braintree gift card
The partner and I hired a car as it was only £44 as I thought I need to be prepared for all my shopping bags (free parking FYI) but you can also get the train from London to Freeport Braintree in less than an hour direct...yes it's that cool it has it's very own train station!!

So getting into the all-important details there are more than 85 stores set in a cute village 'style' setup and the sales are up to 60% off everyday prices– Yes, please!. There are lots of places to eat and late night shopping until 8pm on Thursday. When you finish with shopping you can also pop to the onsite cinema.
Freeport Braintree does not just focus on one vertical there is a wide choice of fashion, homeware, fragrances, accessories and gift stores from designer and high street. Some of my faves are:

I thought I would actually do a shout out for readers who might have been to Freeport Braintree before that two new shops have just launched and are a first in Essex: The Beauty Outlet and White Stuff.

You can also see a Vlog of my trip to Freeport Braintree here, my second Vlog ever...

So what did I actually buy I hear you asking and how good were the sales, well I have all the juicy gossip below:

hollister dress1.     I went a bit wild in Lacoste buying not one but two summer dresses for £60 reduced from £120!! They also had deals of buy two and get the whole purchase half price on certain products.

2.     Bohemian dress from Hollister for £27 from £39. It was like I was back in Texas purchasing at US prices.

3.     I didn’t actually purchase this but it is definitely worth a mention as I regret my decision :-(. This beautiful Barbour jacket (in the photos below) £100 from £300!!! Oh why did I not buy it *cries into old jacket*
shopping bags4.     Heading into Tefal was a must as we recently chucked out nearly all of our old pans because they were useless. We purchased a 28cm stir fry pan for £10 reduced from £32 and the word 'intensely' non-stick is used so I know it will be good. Also got myself the best pan bargain ever, some Jamie Oliver Tefal pans from…wait for it £70 to £15.75 with non-stick everything.
5.     As you might have seen plastered all over social media I recently went to Iceland and from Mountain Warehouse I brought some thermal tops (£6.99 from £19.99) and a fleece. Freeport Braintree is great if you are heading on an adventure holiday or skiing, there is so much choice for clothing in stores like Mountain Warehouse and The North Face.
shopping6.     Cadbury was also calling my name so I got some Easter treats and a big bag of flumps. Be warned if you are a chocolate lover you will be tempted by everything, there was even bags of Crème Eggs for £2, that's only £2 people!!!
7.     Adam also whet quite wild in the shoe department buying not one, not two but three pairs: Nikes (£34.30) Walking boots from Mountain Warehouse (£29.99) and some beautiful smart boots from Barbour (£59.50)

You could say we did quite well, I will definitely be coming back to this beautiful and discount heaven place.

barbour hat
barbour jacket
cadbury easter eggs
cadbury pic n mix
designer sunglasses
lacoste dresses
nike heels
In collaboration with Freeport Braintree but all opinions and love of discounts and shopping 

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