Monday 28 March 2016

How to get Celebrity inspired curls

Over London Fashion Weekend I had an amazing blow-dry and found a new fave hairstyling tool, Mr Bubble. It made me feel like I had celebrity curls that you see on the red carpet. I have used quite a few times at home with a similar effect so thought I would share the look and some other favourite Celebrity beauty products tor get celebrity inspired locks. Being a beauty blog I do test lots of different hair products and these are my current favourites.
celebrity hair products
So what are these amazing new celebrity beauty products I hear you cry, well the main one mentioned above is Mr Bubble, it has been designed for owned by award winning hairdresser Maximiliano Centini used on countless celebrities. Mr Bubble is a total revolution for my hair, not only did it create these amazing curls it makes them look so much more natural than using a normal curler and please don't ask me about using GHD's as I can't do it and you wont see a tutorial for it on this beauty blog. 

As the bubbles ceramic plates are uneven it creates a more natural look as curls should not be all the same, it makes my hair look so shiny as well. Mr Bubble does have a celebrity beauty product price tag and will set you back around £90 but I vouch that it is worth it and I have got really long hair but I still get away just using the medium one!
how to get celebrity inspired curls
Sharing some of my hair care essentials for celebrity worthy hair and first off is if you do not want to wash your hair, maybe you have just done it or you like the not be so clean feeling Batiste Dry Shampoo will save the day. It is one of my travel bag essentials and it can revive even the crappiest looking hair. The new 'Marrakech' fragrance is absolutely delicious it smells very fragrant and spicy. 

If you do decide to wash your hair I am currently using Paul Mitchell's MarulaOil Shampoo and Conditioner and then some nourishing hair oil by Liz Earle which I put through my hair after washing. It makes blow drying a hell of a lot quicker not sure what magic creates this but it does the trick and makes it look super shiny which I believe is down to the key ingredient the Kalahari Melon Oil. 

Just before you blow dry you can always add a spritz of Charles Worthington blow dry primer to add volume & bounce it works with the oil to speed up blow dry time and offers heat protection ready for Mr Bubble. Again it has a luscious tropical scent to make my hair smell on point. 

Whilst using Mr Bubble its important to use a good hair spray to keep your curls in check. I am currently lusting over Iced Coconut Cocktail Hair Spray from Fudge. You need something with a good hold but doesn't make your hair look wet and plastic. With Fudge you don't need too much...a little goes along way.

If you decide you do not have the time to curl you hair I recommend using a sea salt spray and this one from Fudge is great. My hair never looks as good from when it dries after being in the sea and as I am not a millionaire I can't always go on holiday and have sea salt hair but the Fudge Sea Salt Spray it is a great alternative and it smells like summer the joy of sun cream not sure I look like a sexy surfer but it make my hair look more texturised and I love the look. 

Hope you enjoyed this post and now have hair worthy of reviling a Celebrity.
Mr Bubble Curls
Mr Bubble CurlFiona Kay

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