Friday 1 July 2016

Review: Jo Malone Black Cedarwood & Juniper Cologne

As you all know I love a fragrance launch and when Jo Malone is the brand it is even more exciting. I remember my first ever Jo Malone fragrance I was quite young and didn't understand why it did not have some celebrity name in the title, I think it was French Lime Blossom and I have never looked back.
"Midnight rain. Seductive with the carnal touch of cumin and chilli leaves. Dark with cedarwood. Humid with moss. Modern and urban."
Jo Malone have captured the essence of rain perfectly with Black Cedarwood & Juniper, it reminds me of just after there has been a crazy rain shower and you have that fresh, earthy scent. I have to note that Black Cedarwood & Juniper is not a brand new launch you might remember it from when Jo Malone launched a limited edition rain collection and this became a firm favourite so Jo Malone has now introduced it has a permanent fixture. 

After a spritz of Black Cedarwood & Juniper the scent is not too overpowering and you get a subtle sweet smell with earthy tones. This dark and seductive fragrance is perfect for everyday wear or in the evening and it is not just for woman a perfect unisex scent. 

Top Note: Cumin
Heart Note: Juniper
Base Note: Black Cederwood

I also need to mention that I recently had a hand massage at the Jo Malone concession at Heathrow (they will usually do them for free at most branches) and they were talking about how they are promoting fragrance combining and I was thinking Oh they are now trying to sell not just one fragrance but two! But actually if you are like me or my mum you will already have at least one Jo Malone fragrance and sometimes you do get stuck in a fragrance rut and it was amazing how some of the scents go together. If you want to combine Black Cedarwood & Juniper try with Lime Basil & Mandarin for a woody yet citrusy scent or Wood Sage & Sea Salt for a more aromatic scent. I am going to try it out with my Peony & Blush as well.

30ml £42 | 100ml £86 (Shop in the UK OR US)


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