Thursday 25 August 2016

7 Frustrations When you don't own a car

With a house move on the horizon, one of the most exciting aspects of moving a little out of London is the fact I might be able to finally get a car! Maybe a Fiat 500 or a Peugeot 108 or a Ferrari, who knows or maybe I will be so poor that I can barely afford a train ticket. This impending move has got me thinking about the frustrations of not having easy access to a car and the fact I physically can’t justify getting a car living in London because ‘I just want to pop to Sainsbury’s’ is not a good sales technique to Bae. So here is a little rant of my top 7 frustrations and how you can solve them:

1.     Popping out takes over an hour
If you want to see a friend who is a 10 minute car ride it ends up taking over an hour because A. Southern Trains in one word are crap and getting anywhere in London even down the road takes an hour. I literally do not understand the maths.
2.     Family
Now you probably know my immediate family live in America but I barely get to see my grandparents' or Adams parents and this is because time is always an issue. Sometimes you find out you have a free Sunday but you can’t just pop to Bournemouth for Sunday roast as it would take half the day but with a car I could just jump in and go.
3.     Cost
The cost of the trains is getting ridiculous and the time. It is true time is money and if so I am owed £123234234! Yes a car may initially cost money and yes it may be busy on some routes but with the school holidays at the moment it would be such a breeze.
4.     Shopping
Do you ever go to Sainsbury’s buy way more than fits into two bags because one Chocolate bar turns into a mini sweet shop, then realise how on earth do I get home, I only have two hands?! Even a simple trip to the vets is a logistical nightmare without a car.
5.     Uber
I admit Uber USED to be my best friend but I got too cocky it had saved my credit card oh wait I mean Adams credit card and the bill at the end of the month from Adam was getting ridiculous!
6.     Parking
In London there is no parking so even if I had a car I am not sure where I would even put it, even with a permit I may have to park an hour away especially as loads of commuters park down all of our roads.
7.     Friends with Cars
Now this is the most frustrating point... when all of your friends have cars and they are sitting in their driveway for most of the time and will they give you a lift so you can get your shopping NO!

There is a solution though and you don’t need to hire a random car, you can utilise that annoying friend who is living the car dream as Cuvva is an hourly car insurance app with over 30,000 users reaping the benefits. Cuvva even links up with Facebook to see which of your friends cars are available so its super user friendly and takes about 10 seconds to get an on-demand car from a friend down the road and be driving to the supermarket or to your grandparents' in no time. Don’t worry, your friends can ask for a few pennies in exchange if they wish.
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This post is in collaboration with Cuvva but my frustrations with not having a car are all too real.

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