Monday 12 September 2016

Scrub me down with Coffee

I have found you a new BFF and it includes coffee, now I am not a fan of the stuff when it comes in a mug but when it comes in a scrub its a whole new ball game! Ladies are rubbing the stuff all over their bodies and brands are benefiting from the social media frenzy of taking snaps of this beauty routine. Basically cover your face and body with the potent coffee scrub then take a selfie or two. 

This key trend all started with FrankBody (well that is the first brand I saw on my Instagram feed). With coffee fever taking over I wanted to rub the stuff all over me to figure out the benefits of this new craze and which brands are out there.
Coffee is a natural exfoliator so it works as an exfoliator, an anti-inflammatory, circulation booster, it also helps reduce cellulite (which I am starting to see more and more of) and even makes your skin glow.

If you fancy using one of these popular Coffee Scrubs:

1. Jump in the shower;
2. Grab a handful of coffee scrub and massage all over your body;
3. Concentrate on any lumps or bumps;
3. Leave on the skin until you have read all the bottles in the shower;
3. Rinse
4. Smell the coffee.

Coffer scrubs are usually 100% natural so it's great for your skin, with no nasties.

These may smell delicious but DO NOT EAT.


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