Thursday 6 October 2016

Retro Foodie Favourites are BACK!

When you fall in love with a dish, chocolate bar or just in general a foodie brand you know exactly what you are going to order
Hello Zinger burger with fries and lemonade but it's a sad sad day when a favourite is taken away from you. It's like you lose a finger when Gourmet Burger Kitchen changed the recipe for the Habanero burger...I never been went back, it was a dark day in the Kay household. 

I am not sure about you but 90% of my monies goes on food and that may be why my waist line is going up and up on the tape measure so some of these are disappearances do have a silver lining but anyway this week it came to my attention not not one but two brands I love are bringing back old foodie faves and it made me think about food I wish would come back on a magical fairy. 

1. Etna Pizza, Pizza Express, via Deliveroo
It's back you say, but you cant find it on the menu?! That is because there is a a secret way of accessing this Pizza of hot meaty goodness and it's from the dudes that hop on their bikes with a big kangaroo on their bags - any guesses it yet ?! Deliveroo. The Etna pizza left it's fans last year but do not fret if you order with Deliveroo you will find it on the menu. 

If you have not tried Etna before tear away from you favourite and try this spicy 'nduja sausage paired with sweet and spicy roquito chilli peppers. Sooo tasty!  If you have not used Deliveroo before just download the mobile app (here), Deliveroo website or Pizza Express also if you want £10 credit use my direct link, here. You can be like me and watch the minutes count down and greet you driver just before he arrivea :-) 25 mins is all mine took! 
etna pizza
2. Krispy Kreme Vintage Collection
Another tasty favourite of mine and the perfect accompaniment after a first pizza is the new limited edition Vintage collection from Krispy Kreme with the likes of Powdered Blueberry, Pumpkin Spiced Cake, Cruller, and Glazed Kreme doughnuts to feast on how could you resist!! You only have until the 16th October. 
krispy kreme
3.  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
I know I mention two but there is actually a third favourite who is back in town that I need to mention (this is not a food but something equally important in my
life) I have finally got my
Hands on the new Harry Potter book 'The Cursed Child' and I did really enjoy it and can see the play being amazing but as a book there was not enough I wanted to hear JK Rowling's way of writing which was not their and the endless stories entwined - JK if you read this please write another.

What foodie favourite would you like to come back?
harry potter and the cursed child

This post is a collaboration but all thoughts and love for all things old and tasty or HARRY POTTER are my own.

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