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A Weekend Break Guide: Paris

There are a 1,000 reasons why Paris is a great location for a weekend break. Its close to the UK and Europe by air or the Eurotunnel, its super romantic if you are going with a loved one or fabulous shopping if you are going with friends and its got some very instagrammable places to snap. So this is a little guide to what I got up to on my weekend break.

Be Aware: It's not known for being cheap.
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
How To Get There
 So there are a few options to get to Paris you can Eurostar it or you can take a leaf out of my book and fly. I popped to Heathrow after work and got a flight with Air France which was pretty simple and one of the shortest, short haul flights you can get and with prices from £78 return you can't really complain. I also have 8 Tips to flying short haul, if your interested in taking a gander.

When you land in Paris its best to already have your transport planned as the most easiest and cost effective way is via Viator with there airport roundtrip transfer, the cars are lush and the drivers are so polite which is just want you need when you get off the plane. There got us to our hotel with ease and then we had the same driver back again - I cant recommend enough.

Where To Stay
When you get to Paris you need to do it in style and for a bit of luxury you can't go wrong with InterContiental, Paris Le Grand. The hotel is pure luxury with regal style rooms to make you feel like a princess. There are plenty of deals online to get the best price but I threw in the Luxury Spa Package which gets you get a 25 minute body massage and a 50 minute radiance facial (you can move the timings around) for two people. This was definitely needed after a full days work being a tourist.

Get ready for some stunning views and as I popped my head outside the hotel there was the world-famous Palais Garnier or home to Paris Opera. Thats one tourist attraction ticked off your list. If you head to this hotel I recommend getting the buffet breakfast as part of your deal at the famous Café de la Paix which is a stunning location filled with pain au chocolate and baguettes galore.

What To Do
For a weekend break in Paris there are a few key places to go but if you are stuck for choices you can use the Air France Paris City Guide which has everything from the current time to tasty strolls.

Palais Garnier, Opera
8 Rue Scribe, 75009, Paris
Price: Free to look, price varies depending on show.
As mentioned if you end up staying at the InterContiental, Paris Le Fran then the Opera is outside your window but if not its definitely worth the journey to have a look at the intricate architecture and the sheer size of this magnificent building.
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris

Love Lock Bridge
Ponts des Arts, 75006, Paris
Price: Free to look, a few £ for a lock which are sold at the bridge.

Tourists renamed Ponts des Arts in 2008 as Love Lock Bridge where loved-up couples fixed locks as tokens of their love. The Ponts des Arts bridge crosses the river Seine so its a lovely walk and links up with Palais du Louvre if you are walking in that direction.
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
Champ de Mars, 5 Avneue Anatole France, 75007, Paris
Price: 17

You can't come to Paris and not visit the Eiffel Tower, even if you have visited it multiple times before. Somehow, Adam and I ended up going the back way and I can defiantly say its worth walking around the Eiffel tower, there are some beautiful gardens and I got a totally different perspective of the tower. You don't need to pay the entry to take in the view from down below.
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
We were lucky enough to have the sun shining and what better way to explore than a walk through the parks and gardens around Paris. Air Frances' city guide can tell you all the best places.
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
Musee du Louvre, 75001, Paris
Price: 15

The Musee du Louvre is just BEAUTIFUL with that glass pyramid in the centre is just draws you in but we warned the queues can be crazy! Best to pre-purchase tickets. If you're after a art and culture hit whilst is Paris the Louvre is the one for you where you can see the Mona Lisa!
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris

8 Rue de Montpensier, 75001, Paris
Price: Free to walk around the gardens.

If you go on the a little 5 minute walk you can come upon the the blogger location spot of dreams at Le Palais Royal. There are just some stunning gardens where everything seems to be symmetrical and then an area full of black and white stumps of all different sizes. If you get out your Olympus Pen and that 45 mm lens you are on to winner. 

6 Parvis Notre-Dame, 75004, Paris
The Notre-Dame Cathedral just takes me back to my youth and reminds me of the Disney classic, The Huntchback of Notre-Dame. It is a site to be seen and its huge.
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
Where to Eat & Drink
InterContinental for cocktails; they are pricey but damn they are tasty and anywhere that gives free nuts is a winner is my eyes.

Forum des Halles La Canopee, 75001, Paris
In an open air shopping centre so you can get your Sepora fix before you head in for food. Fashioned in a contemporary canteen style, this restaurant is light and airy, perfect for a lunch in Paris when its a bit too cold to sit outside.

Starter: Charcuterie board with a mixture of cured ham, saucisson, terrine and grattons (Perfect to share)
Main: Fillet steak with peppered sauce and green beans
Dessert: Creme Brulee
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris

Les Pinces 2
43 Rue Mazarine, Paris
Lobster or Steak, that is the question...there is not much else to it. This simple but tasty menu pulls in the tourists and locals alike for a relaxed atmosphere. You can feast on a lobster, lobster roll or steak (of course I went for the lobster) and the good value and delicious taste means I will be back again. Oooo and the homemade french fries were tasty!
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris

Prescription Cocktail Club
23 Rue Mazarine, 75006, Paris
This is so close to Les Pinces you would be silly not to give it a whirl. There are no photos because this place is so dark you can barley see the cocktail in front of you but with its speakeasy style and pretty drinks you are instantly drawn in.

226 Rue de Rivoli, 70051, Paris
Looking for a sweat treat or just somewhere to take a delicious looking photo? Look no further than Angelina Paris. I have heard the hot chocolate tastes incredible but the eclairs, macaroons and cakes just look like they were made for a royal - I had two, but I will let the photos do the talking.
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris

What to wear
Be Parisian chic with both of these outfits.
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
What am I wearing: 
Bomber Jacket: Topshop Top: Zara Basic | Shorts: | Shoes: Lacoste |Backpack: Michael Kors (ON SALE) | Sunglasses: Gucci |Necklace: Mawi | Rings: |Bracelet: Astrid & Miyu| Watch: Links of London
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris

What am I wearing: Dress: House of Frazer (BIBA), Sunglasses: Gucci | Handbag: Monnier Freres, Philip Lim | Watch: Links of London 

A Weekend Break Guide: Paris

A Weekend Break Guide: Paris
A Weekend Break Guide: Paris

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