Friday 9 December 2016

Christmas Gift Guide: Kids

Christmas is all about the kids and with every year older I get…more kids appear and that means buying gifts I wish I had when I was younger. So I have created a kids gift filled with fun gifts, some of the key things I have:
 1. The Secret Life of Pets, DVD, £18.99: As an avid Disney / Universal / anything animated fan I was slightly disappointed with The Secret Life Of Pets, not sure why maybe I wanted a meaningful story line LOL BUT my nieces are in LOVE and this will go down a treat.

2. Baby Annabel Doll, £44.99: Every child wants a Baby Annabel Doll and the new one is a little scary how life like it is with sounds and movements like a real BABY. She can also wet herself, do kids really want to change nappy's? You've got a dummy and bottle and the baby cries real tears so its like your looking after a real baby.
3. Googly Eyes, Drawing Game, £19.99: A fun game for all the family, put on the 'Googly Eyes' to change your vision and then draw the best you can - my drawing is awful in the first place so I am sure this would be hilarious.
4. Hippy Chick Mouse, HippyChick, £59.95: This isn’t just for fun, its such good quality and looks amazing!
5. Chad Valley Music Station, Argos, NOW £19.99 WAS £24.99: This will be fun for the parents :-) with 8, I repeat 8 musical instruments so the kids can become the next Taylor Swift.

For a more gift ideas and the above have a look below – you can shop directly by clicking on the images.


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