Tuesday 13 December 2016

How to create the Best Hot Chocolate

“Oh, the weather outside is frightful…”

So why not make an amazing mug of Hot Chocolate?

Well why not and I have a brand swanky new kettle that has a Brita filter…what more could you want for Christmas. I love my Brita filter water literally tastes completely different from the tap, I am not even sure how it can taste so much better, it make me worry what is in the normal drinking water.
Anyway more about my new Jazzy Morphy Richards Brita FilterKettle in a bit. Now as you may know all my recipes are usually quite simple as who has the time to make hot chocolate from scratch when Cadbury's make a pretty perfect powder and these ingredients will last all Christmas.
How to create the Best Hot Chocolate

·         Cadbury’s Instant Hot Chocolate 
·         Milk, Cooking Chocolate (Any will do)
·         Whipped cream (tastes best when done by hand)
·         Edible Glitter (Because, why the hell not?)
·         Marshmallows (Tiny ones)

How to make (Although I am sure you can work it out!)
1)    Put three heaped teaspoons of the instant hot chocolate in your perfect mug
2)    Pour boiling water…feel free to add milk if that’s your thing.
3)    Whip up some cream or use some from a can (I won’t tell, honest!)
4)    Grate some chocolate and add some edible glitter and voila.

How to create the Best Hot Chocolate
This fast boiling kettle is the best way to ensure your water is pure for the perfect cup of hot chocolate, tea or coffee. When you look in other kettles lime scale builds up quick and it does make me worry about how it actually gets filer before it hits you.

Don’t worry about knowing when to change the BRITA Maxtra filer as the kettle will tell you. This baby is around £37.49 usually £49.99 at the moment and can make around  cups in a single service.
Using the kettle for a few weeks now the flavour of the water definitely tastes better more full of flavour, if water has a flavour.

I quite like the steel finish as well its add a modern touch to the kitchen along with the blue illuminated water gauge. If you are thinking of purchasing this you get a filter included so no need to worry about that for a while.

How to create the Best Hot Chocolate
How to create the Best Hot Chocolate
How to create the Best Hot Chocolate
How to create the Best Hot Chocolate
How to create the Best Hot Chocolate
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