Monday 30 January 2017

5 Secrets to a Good Morning

When you have a good morning it not only helps you have a positive and productive day but impacts those around you, when you are in a good mood it reflects positively, which is great especially if you work in a team. Have you ever got in, in the morning and you have a conversation with a colleague who is grumpy and then you feel in a bad mood?! I know I have. 10%* of brits say they have never had a good morning, which is so sad, so I am here to help with five tips to have a good morning in collaboration with belVita who have just launched a ‘Good Mornings’ campaign to get everyone to have, well a GOOD MORNING and set themselves up for the rest of the day.
5 Secrets to a Good Morning
1.    The Breakfast: Breakfast is going to provide you with the energy you need to have a good morning and a good day; it is my number one tip. Whenever I skip breakfast I end up feeling groggy and hungry by 11am and then snack on crisps, red bull and a chocolate bar or two (currently hating myself for how true that sentence is). Having a good breakfast improves your performance as it basically gives your brain fuel and essential nutrients which also helps you fit into those skinny jeans as you’re not going to snack (as much). The most important thing though is by being fuelled up, you will be happier.

Make sure the breakfast is right though and not just a quick cup of tea. You need something that is going to fill you up, why not try belVita with natural Greek yogurt and fruit you could go crazy if it’s the weekend and add poached eggs, avo smash on toast!
5 Secrets to a Good Morning
2.    The Night Before: I have to say I am not a morning person, I do love to lie in my bed even when I am awake just to be toasty…especially when the weather is like this…the SNOOZE button becomes my best friend. The answer to this problem is you need to prep the night before. I always make sure the kitchen and lounge are looking tidy before I go to bed, in the morning if everything is a mess it pushes my stress levels sky high and I just want to run out of the house. When you wake up and your outfit is ready and the house looks pristine it’s so much easier to make time for breakfast and enjoy a packet of belVita with some yoghurt and fruit ensuring you have a balanced breakfast.

3.    The Extra Hour: Now you are all prepped for the morning, use your time wisely, make a snazzy breakfast to keep you fuelled like in the pics do a spot of meditation, I sometimes use the Headspace app it only takes 5 minutes and can help your prepare you mind and body for the day ahead.

4.    The No Work Zone: I know it is near impossible but do try and not look at your email, Instagram, Facebook until 9am. You will get sucked into the digital landscape and forget all about having some time to yourself and getting ready – you will end up running out the door with no makeup and feeling hungry!
5 Secrets to a Good Morning
5.    The to Do List: As mentioned in tip 3, being mindful will help you relax so you can organise your mind by writing down your to do list for the day. I usually pick about six key things I want to accomplish in the day, anymore and it will make your mind fizz. If you do more than that, great but 6 items are enough. Now another tip is to look at those six items and do the hardest one first (the one you would rather not do) once it’s out of the way the day becomes a whole lot easier and your morning is not plagued by stress and you have achieved something in the first few hours of the day.
5 Secrets to a Good Morning
Why not try these 5 secrets and see how it impacts your day, I know you will feel more relaxed, happy and ready to face the day in a more positive light and you will also notice that you are more positive which will affect the people around you.

Do you have any tips for a good morning?
5 Secrets to a Good Morning
5 Secrets to a Good Morning

*2,000 adults were polled by One Poll in December 2016
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