Wednesday 24 May 2017

7 Tips when taking photos on your mobile phone

The LG G6 has recently just launched as LG's flagship handset with so many new fancy features. The sleek new slim-line design, fashionable look and large screen is perfect for any blogger babe. 

One of the key features for me is the swanky new camera which has so many modes and different so I thought I would share some top tips on using your phone as your main photography tool, you don’t always need a swanky camera.

Key Features:
·                18:9 aspect ratio screen size
·                Rear dual-camera: 13 Megapixel camera with Normal and wide angle lens
·                Front camera: 6 megapixel with wide angel lens
·                Autofocus
·                Performs amazing in low light
·                Easy GIF creation on multiple photos
·                Automatic selfies
·                Manual Mode, giving you total control for those beautiful blurred background shots that I love
·                In-built editor filled with fun filters, collages and more
·                Photo modes: So many different modes to keep you busy for hours, my favourite is Food Mode, making food good enough to eat.

Phone photography tips:

1. Planning is key: It is important to pre-plan your photo-shoot as much as possible. You don’t need much planning when you have an incredible location as there is not much to do and LG choose the perfect spot at Drink, Shop, Do based on Caledonian Road in London to launch the LG G6  with perfect back drops and fun props. You plan your blogpost or tweet so you should also be planning your photo shoot. What is the background you will be shooting on? Do you need props? What poses might work? What is the story you are trying to tell with your photo?

2.     Natural Light – in the right place: Use natural light but not too much! You don't want light streaming in from anywhere, best to get a north facing window. Natural Light is your friend, if it is a nice day do not take a photo in the badly lit room go outside but make sure the light is not causing shadows.

3.     Get off auto: It is so easy to just point and shoot on auto mode but if you switch to manual mode which you can do on the LG G6 you can make any photo look pretty darn sexy with that burry background utilising the depth of field.

4.     Food mode: The food mode is a life changer even compared to my Olympus Pen you don’t get the vibrancy that you get by using the Food Mode on LG G6. This is where saturation is on point.  

5.     Backgrounds & props: It is essential to not forget about what is surrounding the focus of your photo – this can ruin a photo and create a non-consistent look. Think about colours, fabric, flowers. I have a little box at home filled with my favourite props from glitter to blue tack.

6. Editing: The G6 as so much to offer when editing, play around with adding text, filters and make a collage or two.

7. Take 100 photos not just 1: It may look great on your little phone screen but trust me the amount of times we have spent time taking photos, loaded them to the computer then realised none of them are good enough to go into the public domain. Maybe someone has their eyes closed, a cat is photobombing or there are loads of shadows. The resolution to this is make sure you take enough photos and not just of the same angle then you have more of a change of at least one of them being okay or even great.


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