Wednesday 6 December 2017

4 ways to beat digital eye fatigue

Do you stare at a computer or your phone for the majority of the day at work, school or just for fun? Well I do.

I spend far too much time starting at a computer screen and when I am not doing that I am glued to my phone or watching the latest series of Teen Mom on the TV.
4 ways to beat digital eye fatigue
I make sure I get an annual eye check-up and as you may have seen through Instagram stories or snapchat I do not have 20/20 vision and my eyes do require glasses or contacts and I am not going to lie my vision is getting worse. I tried on wedding dresses without anything and learnt a valuable lesson contacts will be 100% required on my wedding day or I won’t be able to see myself let alone anyone else.

Anyway the purpose of this article is to help you when you stare at a screen for so long under bright office lights which results in ‘digital eye fatigue’ where your eyes are screaming at you to look away from everything digital.

You will be suffering from digital eye fatigue if your eyes are feeling:
digital eye fatigue
·         Strained
·         Dry
·         Tired
·         Bloodshot
·         Itchy
·         Irritated

90% of people who work primarily on computers experience digital eye fatigue which is an astonishing amount. CooperVision has some great insight into Digital Eye fatigue here.
digital eye fatigue

You shouldn’t take this condition lightly as your eyes are one of key senses and an important or the MAIN part of your day-to-day life.

So what is the solution?

1.    Turn off your screen: You can’t always get away from them but you might have a report you need to go through or a meeting you could have try and scatter them throughout the day so you don’t have long periods staring at your screen.

When you are on the train buy a book instead of checking out the Daily Mail app, I am currently reading the new Dan Brown book, Origin and its great!

2.    Regular eye exam: Are you wearing the right lenses or the correct prescription? Contacts might help if you’re not already wearing them. CooperVision has specific contact lenses to combat the issue of digital eye fatigue called Biofinity Energys which are specifically designed for those who live a digital life. The digital zone optics move from screen to off screen with zero effort and the aqua form technology locks in moisture to combat those dry eyes

3.    Blink: You may think this is silly as everyone blinks but from staring at a screen it is really common not to blink as often as you should be resulting in dry eyes. So remember to blink.

4.    Beauty Regime: There are some beauty products that can help combat some of the issues related to digital eye fatigue that can alleviate some of the symptoms such at Optrex Refreshing eye drops, a cooling eye mask and Simple Kind to Eye, Balm .

From following these simple steps you should feel more productive, less irritated and ready to seize the day!
digital eye fatigue
digital eye fatigue
digital eye fatigue

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