Monday 12 February 2018

REVIEW: HelloFresh Rapid Box

HelloFresh, I have seen the lime green, lime pretty much everywhere are I kind of relate it to someone giving me a discount as I always see HelloFresh at Waterloo and on the odd occasion a discount code will fall out of a parcel filled with clothes I have purchased.
REVIEW: HelloFresh
When thinking about New Year resolutions two were high on my agenda:

1.     Get healthy / Lose a few pounds stone for my wedding

2.     Sort out my partners finances (he is poo at managing money) / Stop spending so much money on food.

Even before I got home HelloFresh was at the back of my mind and then they emailed me asking if I would like to take part in a trial….my prayers had been answered…yes please.

After trawling through the website and looking at some previous recipes I was starting to get excited and spoke to some colleagues about it all who knew someone who was using HelloFresh and one colleague was about to embark on the same journey as she heard that it could cut down your shopping bill.

My main issue with food is that I live such a busy lifestyle I don’t have the time to think or create an amazing healthy meal every evening, so what do I do, I just grab a pizza. HelloFresh must of read my mind as they are actually championing their new launch the Rapid Box – meals in 20 minutes, I can vouch that they really do only take 20 minutes, from getting the ingredients out until it reaches your dinner table.

Monday was my set delivery day and at the moment you can only get three meals which is actually perfect, at the end of the three week trial Adam said maybe we should go for 5 days I pointed out that every Monday we still had our last meal to eat so three a week was more than enough for us.

Monday was an exciting day I am out most of the day so when I got an email with a photo of my HelloFresh box on my porch I was excited to get home…don’t I live an exciting life.

Anyway opening the box was exciting, who doesn’t like parcels being delivered with ingredients measured out exactly. For the three recipes you get an individual bag with all the dry ingredients which I just pop above my fridge until I need it and you get a weird furry bag filled with icepacks with all the items for your fridge.

I figured out in the third week you could actually pick your recipes if you choose before Wednesday. So over the three weeks the recipes I had were:

REVIEW: HelloFresh

- Beef Feijoada
- Seared Turkey Steak with Cream Lentils and Sweet potato
- Chicken Chow Mein
- Superquick Mexican Chilli
- Chicken Laksa
- Lemon and Rosemary Turkey with Creamy Pasta and Broccoli
- Chermoula Grilled Chicken with Chickpeas and Couscous
- Spaghetti Puttanesca with Avocado and Rocket Salad
- Sticky Sesame Chicken

I think one of the issues I come up against with my meals during the week is variety I don’t really have time to think about what I am going to cook and when I do want to cook a new recipe it costs me a fortune on new ingredients. On the website you can also save your favourite recipes, I think out of the above I didn’t not like any of them and the variety was great my favourites were the Sticky Sesame Chicken, Spaghetti Puttanesca and the Seared Turkey Steak with creamy lentils and sweet potato – I didn’t even think I liked lentils.

Moving on to the actual ingredients they were really fresh and lasted the entire week which is another issue with buying a weeks’ worth of ingredients, half way through the week I have to throw half the vegtables in the bin – money just down the drain. Everything was so easy if the meal required the chicken or turkey to be cut up, this job had already been done, if you needed honey or peanut butter you got a little sachet no mess and the packet was finished with. I think these are some of the things that ensure that you prep and cooking time is kept to 20 minutes from opening the box to getting to the table.
REVIEW: HelloFresh
So after my three week trial on #TheRapidChallege how did I think it went?! Well see the results for yourself:
REVIEW: HelloFresh
Even though there is spaghetti and white rice the recipes are all really healthy and with my target weight reduction of 3lbs per month to hit my target wedding weight I managed to lost 4 lbs in three weeks, now I am sure that is not just down to HelloFresh I think I ran two times as well HA but the fact I wasn’t popping into Tesco’s on a daily basis and I was having the leftovers for my lunch meant I was not tempted to pick up the odd red bull or the essential dairy milk bar. Also there was not a huge amount of leftovers so it meant I had a small lunch not a huge mac and cheese microwave meal from Waitrose.

Well in comparison to November (December doesn’t count as I was out of the country and my parents brought all the groceries) November spend was £206 this month was £106 so paying for HelloFresh would have been £102 so that is a £4 saving but does that really matter the point is I have not spent any additional money on food…no loss and tasty meals!!

My time is so previous that is why I would always revert to a pizza. I think I have saved around 30 minutes a day during the week in total – which is actually a lot of time and energy.

Now I am not sure if this has anything to do with HelloFresh but i have noticed I have been sleepy like a BABY.

I see this as a lifestyle change and I hope to keep my evenings free and hopefully lose a few more pounds. S

HelloFreshRapidbox is from £4.92 per serving, with produce selected from only the finest suppliers and delivered straight to your door.
REVIEW: HelloFresh
REVIEW: HelloFresh
REVIEW: HelloFresh
REVIEW: HelloFresh
REVIEW: HelloFresh
REVIEW: HelloFresh
REVIEW: HelloFresh
REVIEW: HelloFresh


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