Thursday 19 July 2018

Master Bedroom: Update and new Leesa Mattress

So there has been a lot of movement on the home font in the past few months so I thought I would share a few updates starting with the bedroom. 

We moved rooms from the roof conversion room back downstairs, mainly because the temperature variation was a bit crazy from freezing to so hot you feel like you are melting.
Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress
First of all we painted the walls in a cool grey, Dimpse from Farrow & Ball which we actually only did one coat maybe the colour came out the way it did because of the undercoat which was a vile purple like lilac - but I love the colour now. 
Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress
We then sorted out the little store cupboard in the room which we are thinking could be transformed into a en suite bathroom at some point but for the moment we painted it in All White, from Farrow & Ball then added some pine shelves storing all my shoes and old school DVDs - more shelves will be added shortly.

The main focal point of the room is the bed and the bed I was looking for ages for a fabric bed and they were all over £800 but i managed to purchase a luxurious light grey one for £249.
Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress
I also decided with the big move it deserved a new mattress I have seen everyone getting these ‘pop-up’ mattresses that get delivered rolled up in a box and had heard great things about them so I was excited for my Leesa Sleep mattress to arrive. I have now being using it for over a month and I am in love. The Leesa mattress starts from £399 and if you my code TIME2GOSSIP you can get £100 off and if you want to pay monthly they offer 0% interest. You get a 100 night risk-free trial, 10 year warranty and free delivery and returns - Leesa really believes you will love their mattress that they ensure you wont be out of pocket if its not for you.

Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress
The Look: It is a one look fits all as this is the only mattress Leesa offer in a range of sizes. The mattress is really modern with a pretty striped grey & white design, its a shame I have to cover it up with a sheet.

The Feel: It was strange on my first night on the Leesa mattress you literally float on-top of the mattress as it molds around you from the memory foam layer offering significant support. The top Avena foam layer ensures that you get a cooler nights sleep so you can get cozy in your duvet. My sleeps are so much deeper, I am not waking up during the night anymore and I cant feel my other half moving around which is just fabulous.
Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress
Making up the bed:

Bedding: Ikea, £17

Dotted around the room are some wicker baskets that have Paul the polar bear on top and also a bench from Ikea - which I think I may move out.

Our bedside cabinets are from Ikea (similar ones here). 
Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress
I have my art pint from Brixton market but I need to work on some additional decor for the room maybe some prints above the bed.

The room is super cozy and I have a great nights sleep so its perfect for the moment.
Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress
Do you spot the Love Island water bottle :-)
Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress
Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress
Master_Bedroom_Update_and new_Leesa_Mattress

This post is sponsored by Leesa Sleep Ltd


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