Friday 5 April 2019

15 'Nesting' Baby Essentials

I have already done some serious 'nesting', a strange term that everyone seems to call pregnant people when they start preparing their home for the baby...not sure I would say I am building a nest, but I have spent a small fortune, my babies wardrobe is better than mine and Adams combined and the nursery is at mood board stage.
15 'Nesting' Baby Essentials
You would of seen a lot of baby content on Instagram but this is the first baby blog. To catch you all up I about to turn 23 weeks pregnant and I am having a little boy, name is top secret but we have three choices. I will do more blog posts and go into more details about how I have been feeling etc but this one is all about SHOPPING.

 I thought I would share some of the key items I have already got for baby FK, I will do some separate post on clothing and the nursery when its complete so if you think I am missing the obvious of a cot...that will come later on.

The traditional moses basket comes in three colours; midnight, linen and dove grey. Most people see a moses basket as an essential for the first six months when the baby is sleeping in your room as an alternative have a look at number 6 on this list for a more modern take.

I am guessing you will need a blanket at arms reach at any one time, so I think I will need to get a few but this one will get a special place in the nursery as its so soft and looks stylish, it comes in three different colours and I just got told you MUST get a cellular blanket to even leave the hospital but don't worry LGS have you sorted and its the nicest one I have seen so far.

One thing I wanted was my home to have more security especially as I’m going to be at home more often and the Blink system is battery powered so no electrician required - YES please. It links to my phone so I can see when the delivery man takes my parcels away without leaving them but it also give me peace of mind. 

These come in jersey or mesh fabric and they are for babies from newborn to around 12 months. Being compact and super soft has made this carrier a winner, we have already been practicing with it, although Dylan (the cat) refused to be a model. 

Something I have started to 'stockpile' is baby beauty products, when you go to places like The Baby Show you will end up getting lots of sample versions for you and baby.

The Organic Babies Newborn Collection is one of my full size versions and is such a great gift for a new mama with shampoo, oil, nipple balm and nappy cream, the perfect full size starter set.
An alternative to the traditional Moses basket is the SnuzPod3 which is a bedside crib for the baby up to 6 months whilst it sleeps near you, in your room. You can easily lift off the bassinet and there is a reflux incline feature and fits perfectly with my room decor.

Odylique has the cutest packaging, I am already in love before using it. The set comes with baby gentle wash & shampoo, baby repair lotion and soothing salve.

One for Mama to be in this incredible pregnancy pillow, it was the only thing I didn’t think I needed but god once I reached 20 weeks I swiftly changed my mind - your neck, back and pelvic girdle is crying out for one and the BBHugMe does what it says, hugs your body!

If you have ever seen a purple and white sheep around a child, that my friend's is Ewan - settling those sleepy heads he mimics the comfort of the womb with a pink glow and soothing sounds. The deluxe version also features smartCRY®, cleverly designed to automatically activate when baby stirs in the night.

Isn't this why we all have kids to dress them in the cutest of items that you shouldn’t skip this when it comes to towels. A hooded towel is important to ensure your baby gets warm / dry from top to toe quickly. The baby bunny towel is 100% certified organic micro-cotton that’s super soft and absorbent.

A bit different from your standard baby sleeping bag the ergoPouch Clouds Cocoon swaddles the baby so he will be snug as a bug - remember to pick the right tog for the season this easily transforms into a sleeping bag.

This bath grows with your little one is is a whale so what is not to love!!

This super soft bouncer is perfect for baby to get cosy. The bouncer will rock gently with the movements of your baby with no batteries required. Newborn - 2 years

I don't have this but I know a pump is an essential, I would love to hear of anyone who has tried the Elvie or other pumps as it looks too good to be true a silent breast pump that you can use whilst out and about - the dream right?!

Johnson’s is a brand I remember when my little brother was born a brand loved my Mums for years and they have gone for a total re-brand.
CottonTouch products have a lightweight feel to enhance your touch!

The must have for any new mama and so many stunning covers I was quite boring and went for white - I wonder how long that will stay shiny and new for?! The sleepyhead does seem to be the number one things on ever mamas lists and you can get accessories for your one like a toy arch. 

It’s a safe area for baby to sleep, play, change and tummy time. Suitable 0-8 months.

A pram is obviously an essential and the Quinny Hubb meets all my mummy needs, something to go to town, go for a forest walk and also have plenty of space for all my shopping with the XXL basket - so many have basically no space for my handbag let alone a baby bag.

The Hubb has three from birth solutiosn I went for the Hux Carrycot but you can also get the cocoon and matching maxi-cosi pebble plus car seat.

One key feature of the pram is the one-hand folding.


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