Wednesday 18 March 2020

Review: My New Fridge Freezer - a new baby essential

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So this isn’t my birth story but this is how my birth story starts with the delivery of my new fridge freezer....
First of all we decided a new fridge freezer was an essential with a baby on the way, everyone kept talking about batch cooking and freezing meals and although I loved my old fridge freezer, but the freezer compartment could only really fit some ice cubes and mars ice creams (pregnancy craving right there).

On the day of delivery (Monday 29 July) the delivery men arrived and I realised I hadn’t cleaned the floor where the old fridge was, after I bent down that was the moment my waters broke. I had been told it was not like the films but my god YES it was, I ran upstairs trying to stop the flow (FYI it doesn’t stop until you give birth also a normal pad doesn’t cut it)

Anyway back to the fridge; for my return from hospital my parents had fully stocked both the fridge and the freezer full of yummy goodies and our new cold water compartment - a very important part of the new fridge freezer and for a new mama, if you're breastfeeding you will drink gallons a day.

Make and model: Hotpoint Class 7 Total NoFrost fridge freezer (H7T 911A KS H AQUA)

Cost: Available from retailers for around £569.99

Why you would want to buy:
  • Cold water dispenser - a life changer as who has time to try to get ice out of a tray to cool a drink?!
  • No hassle with defrosting your fridge with NoFrost technology - I have had this 7 months now and not a single bit of ice anywhere. With my last fridge/freezer, I couldn't really open the freezer due to ice.
  • Fresh fruit and veg really does last for longer - I have never been one to waste food, I think I can safely say that sometimes fruit and veg lasts at least one week longer if not more than my last fridge with the food preservation technology.
  • Multiple compartments - The fridge freezer features a Fresh Zone+ compartment which is humidity controlled and makes storing fresh fruit and vegetables a breeze. There is also Fresh Zone 0ºC compartment that maintains a temperature of around 0°C, which is perfect for storing delicate food items such as fresh meats and fish.
  • No funky smells - the ‘Active Oxygen’ technology keeps my fridge smelling fresh and eliminates strong odours, which is important for my cheese loving household.
  • Energy efficient: The fridge freezer has an ‘A+’ energy rating to keep your utility bills low on the fridge freezer front.
  • Size - it’s taller than both Adam and I with storage capabilities of 360 litres and has adjustable shelves to create more space for bigger items as you buy them. 
  • Design - I went for the black colour as I wanted a modern touch to our kitchen and I love it! 


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