Wednesday 29 September 2021

Three Artists to invest in for Christmas

These are not pocket change prints but art that you need to spend your hard earned pennies on usually more than a months pay check but in the hopes that you not only have a beautiful piece of art for home but something that is going up in value and not just stuck in a bank.

These are three artists I would love to invest in.

                                          DOUG HYDE

Doug or the man behind 'the smile' was one of the first artists I really fell in love with, I remember spotting it at a  house when I was at university and thinking one day I will buy one of those. Doug has recently launched his new collection and each print just makes me smile.

If you are based in Lincoln you can meet the artist at Trent Galleries on 16th October.

sophie tea


The most important thing you need to know about Sophie Tea is you can pay per month with only £100 deposit required. She is an instagram sensation and all about body positivity and loving yourself. Her Nudie era has just come to an end but I for one cant wait to see what's next from this gem. 

Also if your looking for a great insta background visit her Carnaby Street store. 

Prices from £1,000. Have a look here.

Photos credited from @sophieteaart instgaram

sophie tea


This hyperrealister Canadian painter grabbed my attention last year with her pieces centred around food and fashion. With fun 'art' treasure hunts and mystery boxes I cant wait to get my hands on one of these for my kitchen. 

Prices from $300 and you can purchase here.

Photos from @erinrothstein Instagram.

erin rothstein


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