Thursday 1 May 2014


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With the same hair do, day in day out pony tail at work and blown with a hairdryer at the weekends its time to look for hair-spiration.

We turned to Layered Online with a mix of reviews, how-to guides and a shop, it’s the perfect resource for a new do!

For a brand new do, we love this how to article on ‘Knotting your braid’ getting that perfect twist on an ordinary braid to look like stars, such as Cara Delevingne and Blake Lively – elegance with a twist.

Or a new bun do, as we are all fed up of seeing mesh through peoples hair, its time to know how create that perfect bun!

Or for that sea salt, fresh out of the sea look, without mascara running down your face you can capture this sexy tousled look, here.

With each how-to-look you can be pointed in the right direction to buy the perfect products to match your desired do, knowing you are looking bang on trend from the experts at Layered Online!

For more hair-spiration follow @layeredonline

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