Wednesday 16 April 2014

Technology Deemed 'More Essential' Than Suncream For Holidays

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Technology Deemed 'More Essential' Than Suncream For Holidays

Brits are planning to leave behind traditional holiday items such as beach towels, suntan lotion, swimwear and flip flops to make room for devices that they deem more important for their 2014 annual getaway. 
The top five most popular items listed as 'holiday essentials’ were
§         Smartphone
§         iPad 
§         Kindle 
§         Passport 
§         Suntan lotion

Overall, 72% of men and women said they would sacrifice more typical holiday essentials to fit in their technology and power cables. And British holidaymakers say they're likely to pack on average six electronic devices this year (and a charger and plug adaptor for each one), according to a survey conducted by online travel agent Holiday Hypermarket.

Heading off on holiday to ‘switch off’ seems to be a thing of the past, as Brits simply can’t part with some form of technology for the duration of a holiday. Only 14% of British holidaymakers thought that technology got in the way of a holiday and less than 15% said they wouldn't be taking any kind of mobile or electronic device on holiday this year.

                                          No 1 Holiday Essential – the mobile phone  


The survey of more than 2100 UK adults found: 
§         69% use smartphones from the minute they arrive at the airport
§         51% said they log onto Facebook or Tweet from their departure airport before they have even got on the plane  
§         84% admitted to using a smartphone on a daily basis while on holiday
§         Only 18% said they took their phone with them on holiday but forgot about it.

Over half of men surveyed (69%) said they would ditch suntan lotion and beachwear to ensure they could take electronic items with them. 41% of women said they would sacrifice books, make-up, clothes and shoes to ensure they had their phone and e-reader with them on holiday.

And the desire for all things electronic spans all age groups as men aged 55+ consider their Kindle and digital camera essential holiday items that they have taken with them. Women aged 55+ said their Kindle and digital camera were essential items they would always pack when going on holiday.

Kay Dixon from Holiday Hypermarket said: "With tight restrictions on the size and weight of hand luggage, holidaymakers are clearly prepared to make a big sacrifice for technology. Most airlines allow on average 7kg of hand luggage, the most popular electrical items combined will weigh over half of the total allowance, coming in at 4kg.

“Customers are prepared to pay a bit more for their suntan lotion and beachwear by buying it when they get to their holiday destination, rather than sacrifice space in their suitcases for gadgets and technology.”

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So what would you decide to leave if you couldn't take you mobile phone with you on holiday?? I think I would sacrifice a few things or how else will I take photos on Instagram :-p


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