Friday 29 August 2014

Amazing Cosmetics have hit the UK

The Price: 6ml, £19.50. 15ml, £29.50.
Where2Buy: Marks & Spencer's
The Gossip: Meet the beauty secret the USA has been hiding 

Amazing Cosmetics has been brought to the UK through Marks & Spencer's starting off with their Hero product 'Amazing Concealer'.

The Amazing Concealer is a favorite with celebrities like Demi Moore, Miley Cyrus and Anne Hathaway and is already creating a buzz in the UK. It's not just a concealer for nasty spots but can be used to hide any imperfections from dark circles to sun damage. 

There is something you need to learn before using this product - you only need the tiniest bit (a full sized tube should last up to a year):

When applying the concealer there are three points to follow: 

1) Dot
2) Blend 
3) Repeat!

With highly concentrated pigments, water resistance and buoyant emollient texture it allows the concealer to blend pretty effortlessly not settling on wrinkles or pores to make them stand out even more - and there is definitely a few I need to hide. 

How to choose the right colour for YOU:

We had the chance to get colour matched and not everyone is just one colour I was a mix of FAIR and LIGHT GOLDEN . 

The best way to find your colour is to choose three versions you think are close to your skin tone. Place a stripe of each onto your lower cheek. Your perfect shade will disappear into the skin, appearing invisible covering any imperfections. 

Now you have your colour lets look at how to apply:

Well fist of all, remember Dot, Blend, Repeat!

1. Dot - only use a pin drop amount and disperse with your finger or concealer brush in pin drop amounts throughout the affected area. 
2. Blend - use your ring finger and gently tap and smooth the dots of concealer to blend.
3. Repeat - if need repeat the dot and blend steps until you reach the desired effect. 

There your all done and now you have a flawless complexion. 


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