Tuesday 2 September 2014

More Wine Please...

Last week I was lucky enough to go to Tesco's very own wine tasting at the South Bank Centre!  We were presented with a display of 100 different wines to taste, ranging from champagne to port - I had been presented with a challenge and I have graciously accepted!

Each wine had been hand selected from Tesco's finest range.

When we entered, a booklet was handed to us which had a page dedicated to each bottle of wine. We were then told to write down three key words that we felt best described that specific wine. These could have been the flavours we tasted, smells or even memories the wine reminded us of.

The aim of the evening, was from tasting to help create new 'Wine Words' to create wine clouds (as seen below), which will be used in upcoming marketing campaigns - so watch out. 

They explained to us, that usually wine labels are created by those who are wine connoisseurs, and something's it's not really clear what they are trying to say when saying a Fruity wine make a whole lot more sense.

This wine tasting was a great new way for Tesco to create new descriptions from people with a more down to earth view. 

Keep a look out for the new Tesco's finest range, you know never know, some of my memories and tastes could have had a influence!


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