Monday 12 January 2015

The Frugal Way To A Luxury Holiday

Luxury doesn't often come cheap, but if there is one time you want a taste of the high life, it's when you're on holiday. Luckily, there are a number of tricks and little-known secrets you can use to add a touch of luxury to an otherwise average trip.

Better flights, the VIP airport experience and a swanker hotel could all be possible - for much less than you imagine. A few smart moves can make the luxury getaway you've always dream't about a reality.

Get a free upgrade to first class

First class isn't what it used to be with many airlines, and the truth is it's harder to get bumped up for free these days. But there are a number of tricks you can use to try and bag yourself a more comfortable flight - from dressing up like an investment banker to keeping a keen eye out for any problems to report.

Pay for a VIP airport lounge day pass

The first class travel experience isn't reserved for aircrafts and some airport VIP lounges will put your entire holiday to shame. But you don't have to fork out for a first class ticket or expensive annual membership to add VIP luxury to your wait at the airport. Many airlines let you buy a day pass for much less than you think - especially if you speak to them before you set off.

Blag yourself a discount 5-star hotel

After a free upgrade to first class, and a few hours living it up in a VIP lounge, the last thing you want is to crash back down to earth by staying at an average hotel. Luckily, there are a number of places to go for a cut price deal on luxury hotels. You can also often get a swanky pad for less if you book a local apartment or consider luxury house sitting.

Find luxury in a cheaper economy

Spa days and luxury massages can cost you much less in some exotic locations around the world. Southeast Asia is a favourite amongst travellers with all types of budgets, and you can find some real gems when it comes to services you normally couldn't afford back home. So next time you find yourself pondering where to go for a getaway, keep a keen eye on the local economy and what you can get for your money.

Get to know some of the locals

Even in the cheaper parts of this world it pays to know locals, who know exactly how to get more for less. This is easier than ever, thanks to the internet, with a huge range of language and culture exchange sites out there that make it incredibly easy to meet English speaking local people who usually love the fact that you’re showing an interest in their home country. You can frequently even stay with locals who rent out their homes to travellers with a quick search on Airbnb.

A little research goes a long way, and a quick look on travel forums, blogs and social media can offer up a range of other ways to save money or add an extra bit of luxury to your travels. Last minute deals and local wonders are everywhere to be found and all you need to do is ask the right people. You'll be amazed at what you can find!


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