Wednesday 19 August 2015


This year has had a crazy pollen count and like many of you guys I suffer from hayfever being allergic to not only pollen but hay and grass as well. This has meant I have never needed to mow the grass but on the other hand I have had a number of hellish days this summer. When I first found out I had hayfever at 15 I realised because my eyes had totally closed up from all the gunk, that was quite a hard day at school!

So over the years I have tried a number of ways to wave goodbye to Hayfever and every year I hope it won't come back but as I am stuck with it here are some good product and options to help out:

1. Natural Remedy
Nelsons Pollenna is a natural,homeopathic remedy for hay fever that brings gentle and soothing relief. There are so many different tablets out there so if you want something more natural this is the one for you. It comes in a pack containing 72 tablets and costs £5.51 available from Holland & Barrett or online at Amazon or

2. Go on holiday
Is it bit of an extravagant option BUT it makes a good excuse for a holiday. The air in the UK is for some reason filled more with pollen compared to any other. I am not sure why but that's the way life goes unfortunately - maybe I should become an expat and live somewhere else.

3. Eye drops & Nasal Spray

Use these when you start to feel the symptoms coming on as I believe they help with all symptoms of hay fever. I just use the boots own brand.

This post is sponsored by Nelsons


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