Thursday 8 October 2015

A Lesson In How To Be Happy

The other week I headed to an event with Rituals on 'How to Be Happy' presented by The School of Life. With a lot of stress from London fashion Week and for me the Rugby World Cup it's sometimes hard to always stay positive! Happiness is a very subjective topic but it's interesting to take a step back and really have a think about what makes you happy or what is happiness? It really makes you think - you never ask these questions to yourself and that's the first battle to realise you can be sad and you can be happy BUT don't bottle it up!

From the seminar, I took away 5 tips on How to be happy:

1. SMILE, it can do wonders for your happiness and confidence.
2. Positive thinking
3. Surround yourself with positive people
4. Take a moment from time to time to think about what makes you happy.
5. Be strong and take action on your life

You may be wondering why Rituals was involved with this event but it is very apt for the Happy Buddha Collection. You may have heard of the Laughing Buddha, the name originated  from a famous monk in China over 1000 years ago, who's smile was renowned for bringing happiness and to this day rubbing his belly is a symbol of good luck and prosperity and this is what the Rituals products should bring you - happiness. The fragrance certainly makes me happy; they smell divine with uplifting scents of Sweet Orange and Cedar Wood.

Some of the products from the collection can be seen below:

So how do you bring happiness to your life?



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