Wednesday 21 October 2015

Recipe: Salmon Pinwheels

This is Mummy Kay's recipe that I stole to bake for my besties Baby Shower, it's pretty delicious so I thought I would share with you lovely lot. Please do take note that I am NOT the best cook in the world but these are super simple and make it look like I am a brilliant cook.

salmon pinwheel recipe

Salmon Pinwheel Recipe:

• 200g Cream Cheese
• A pack of Fajita Wraps (I used 4 to make all of these)
• 1/2 Lemon Juice 
• Fresh Black Pepper
• 250g Salmon Sliced
• 100g Rocket (You do not need this much but this is how much is in a bag)

This is a super simple recipe that anyone can do for fancy looking canapés:

Step 1. Mix 200g of cream cheese, juice of half a lemon and a good lashing of freshly ground pepper.

Step 2. Spread evenly across a fajita wrap. 

Step 3. Place rocket across the wrap - you do not need to cover the whole thing just spread evenly, a small handful will be fine.

Step 4. Place the salmon around the wrap, again you don't need to go crazy, there can be gaps I put around six small pieces.

Step 5. Roll it up! Then cut diagonally into 1 or 2 CM slices.

Easy as a piece of pie or a salmon pinwheel!

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