Tuesday 27 October 2015

Review: Fleur de Force Eyelashes

Bloggers and Vloggers are bringing out products left, right and centre these days mainly with good old Superdrug - jealous much?!? Yes!!! If I got asked to bring out a beauty product it would definitely be a toss-up between nail polishes or eyelashes and Eyelure lashes are my go-to night out essential.

On to Fleur de Force with an enviable following, I mean hundreds of thousands and a fab YouTube channel I am sure her fans will be flocking to snap up her lashes with out anyone needing to review them. On first glance Fleur has used my favourite colour palette of pastels making the packaging very girly. On a more technical level Fleur's lashes feature 'stone-ground lash tips' which is new technology for Eylure, softening each lash tip for a more natural look. 

Simply Fleur: These are not really my style for lashes, a bit thin and fan out a bit too much, they look more of a day time lash if you don't want a style that is too thick.

Fleur & Fabulous: These are my faves adding VOLUME but not so much that I scream "too much makeup love"! I sometimes feel that with fake lashes they are two crazy at the side and make your eyes look two heavy and pretty ridiculous. I always trim fake eyelashes so they don't go too far off the eye. (Fleur & Fabulous are featured in the photos below)

Couture Fleur: This style lash are literally a life saver they will bring your lashes to life when they are looking a bit 'blah' and not look fake at all - you literally just need to add two or three to the edges of your eyes for a more voluminous look and Fleurs are great.

Eyelash Tip: Once you place the glue on the eyelash run it along your lash line and then re-apply glue to the lash. So when you attach the fake lash you have a guide and some tackiness for the lash to attach.  

The collection starts from £5.25
fleur de force eyelure eyelashes
fleur de force eyelure eyelashes
fleur de force eyelure eyelashes



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