Monday 18 January 2016

11 Gifts for a Mummy to be

So you have just found out your bestie is pregnant.... you have a mini breakdown about where your life is going and the fact you are not wanting to get pregnant and you don't know how you would cope but also your not even close to getting married. This was me when I found out my friend Steph was pregnant, I had a full on melt down and cried several times. I wasn't even allowed to tell anyone so I think my boyfriend thought I was about to break up with him as I was acting like a full on crazy person.

After you get over the initial shock you need to start thinking about what to buy the new mum to be, you know nothing about babies..... The best option is nothing for the baby as it's not even here yet! So create a care package for the yummy mummy, full of beautiful and thoughtful gifts.
So start of with a gift basket there must be one hanging around, that was given to you (probably filled with alcohol) over Christmas.

4. Cadbury's chocolate (the largest one you can find)
8. Baby Powder fragrance, so your friend can start smelling like a baby
9. Magazines
10. Tea Pigs

Hope this helps for when your first friend tell you the good news

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congratulations on your baby bump candle


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