Thursday 21 January 2016

5 things to do in Cabo

As you may have been jealous seen I recently headed to Cabo, San Lucas over Christmas and New Year with family Kay. I had heard of Cabo as a holiday destination but never actually been but as my mum tells me it's where all the A-list celebs reside including George Clooney and Sandra Bullock and if its good enough for them, its good enough for me. Cabo, San Lucas is right at the tip of Mexico’s Baja California peninsula. Its well-known for good night life, amazing beaches, stunning scenery and affordable water activities including whale watching.

As this is my first post on Cabo I wanted to do a round up of everything we saw and got up to over the week, if you wanted to visit. My mum was already looking at prices for Jan 2017 before we left so Cabo definitely made a good impression on us and I had text my other half who didn’t come with us about potentially going in the Summer, although he was shocked at the price (there are cheaper options out there though, LOTS.)
cabo mexico
The first thing to do in Cabo is to book an all-inclusive resort, you cannot go wrong….as long as you don’t drink the water, bottled all the way people! We stayed at Monticristo Estates part of Pueblo Bonito Resorts. We went for Monticristo Estates as they offered private luxury villas as we wanted some privacy for my little superstar brother AKA Robbie Kay (give him a Google if you have not seen him on Heroes Reborn or Once a Upon A Time yet). The resort was the epitome of luxury, I have never stayed anywhere like it, it was truly beautiful we even had our own infinity pool and hot tub...pure luxury. The landscape was incredible like most places in Cabo. From the villa we could see the ocean so clearly, we could even sport whales from time to time and the sunsets were just spectacular. 

To get around or down to the main resort all you had to do was call for a golf cart, sometimes this did take a rather long time but it was a nice walk down. The main resort hosted a multitude of pools, restaurants and bars, my favourite by far was Sunsets & Sushi anything with tuna was incredible and spicy and the Lemon Daiquiri was my drink of choice or a Margarita on the rocks. This was truly luxury living.

mexico whale watching
One of the main draws to Mexico is the whale watching and from December – April the sea in full as the Baja Peninsula separates the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean, creating a little whale highway. I have been whale watching before in New Zealand so I actually was not that bothered but the family wanted to go so I wasn’t going to say no. Big boats are not the case in Cabo, they send out dingy's to see the whales…maybe not digny's but tiny boats that can fit a max of six people, they were literally siting right next to the whale. Not sure what would happen if one surfaced under the boat mind. Anyway we were in a slightly bigger boat and the whales were just incredible, I think we saw over 10 and one, I kid you not jumped out of the water. It was a true OMG moment that none of us captured on camera! So if you only get to do one thing whilst in Cabo I can not recommend whale watching enough and if you don’t have small children go in a tiny boat but make sure you are wearing a life jacket.
The list is pretty endless for what water sports you can do from diving to Flyboarding (if you don’t know what this is you basically wear a jet pack powered by water, kind of looks cool in a video but not so much when people do it). We decided to partake in three different activities paddle boarding and jet skiing, two things I have never tried before and then a boat tour around the Baja Peninsula ending up at Lovers Beach for some snorkeling.
If you fancy a walk around, I recommend popping to the marina. There you will find the majority of the whale and fishing trips along with a trip on a pirate style well as many yachts worth millions. There is a wide array of restaurants and shops dotted about with tourist tat, if your looking for something a bit more formal there is a shopping centre. As you wonder through the marina make sure you have your camera at the ready as pelicans and sea lions roam.
Winter it is the perfect time to head to Cabo as it’s not so hot that you can’t even step on the sand but you can still get a fab tan. Another plus is it's a great excuse to get your summer wardrobe out from having been hidden for six months. Some of my Summer essentials were:


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