Tuesday 12 April 2016

11 Wedding Guest Dresses

Last week I headed to Surrey for my first wedding of the year, three more to go... I had planned my outfit a long time ago, I felt it fitted in well for an Indian/English wedding with navy and gold being great colours. From the engagement party I knew the outfits would be incredible and I wanted to make sure my outfit did not fade into the background. This babe is from Chi Chi London with a petticoat underneath, which really fills the dress out and adds a bit of OOMPF to the outfit. I have linked a similar one below which has shorter sleeves.

Getting ready for a wedding is a laborious task I was panicking about my hair and nails I even started getting ready about 48hrs before the blooming wedding but it is oh so fun, a day that you can properly dress up without people looking at you asking where are your jeans? and I think the only day I really plan my outfit in full. It takes ages to find the perfect outfit and you can't wear the same thing more than once as there are professional photographers guys you gotta keep your dresses different just in case there is a fab picture. Anyway I have three more weddings to go so after doing lots of research I thought I would share 11 wedding guest dresses which I just love with a big heart emojis.

I always dress up a bit too much and kinda end up looking like a bridesmaid OH WELL its better that then not being fancy at all. Like I said its one of the only days you can dress up like a pretty princess.

Remember ladies eat lots and do not drink too much...I cant really remember the wedding from last weekend....

Anyhoo check out my picks, there are some to fit every style and price point, you cant really get a wedding guest dress dead cheap but there is one of the list for £24.99, BARGAIN.
  1. Chi Chi London Yazzy Dress, £66.99
  2. Topshop, Green Slip Dress, £34
  3. Whistles, Lace Dress £220
  4. Whistles, Wild Floral Jumpsuit, £230
  5. New Look, Floral Bodycon Midi Dress £24.99
  6. ASOS, Kimono dress with splits £32.00
  7. ASOS Belted Midi Dress with Split Cap Sleeve in Occasion Floral £48
  8. Little Mistress Chiffon Maxi Dress With Cut Outs £50
  9. ASOS Asymmetric One Shoulder Wrap Front Pencil Dress, £55
  10. ASOS Dungaree Maxi Dress £60
  11. Forever 21, Floral Maxi Dress £24
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