Monday 11 April 2016

Tips when styling your partner

So my BF has only ever featured in name on the old lifestyle blog but today he is the main attraction...he looks so cute I could pinch his little face. Not sure he was very happy about me taking pics of him but I know he secretly likes them, thanks to my Olympus Pen 45mm lens, it’s such a beauty! He usually spends longer in the mirror than me PFFT to woman taking long to get ready give me my makeup bag and I will get ready on the train. 
Anyway getting back to the blog there is a reason I am taking pictures of my boyfriend and it is all about STYLE. Men just as much as woman love to look good and when I go through Adam’s closet I think most of the items have either been purchased by me as gifts or I was there on the day of purchase so most of the items get my seal of approval. I think I enjoy shopping for Adam more than myself sometimes as you can gain a better perspective of what you are buying and what actually goes well instead of grabbing everything and then returning the majority HA.

So when Superdry asked to choose some items Adam would love I jumped at the chance, Adam owns a few Superdry items anyway so I knew he would like and suit the clothes and with the stylist power all in my hands I couldn’t wait to hit the Superdry website. There was so much choice on the website I always thought there selection was quite small so I was really surprised. Superdry does the jeans and tee combo so well, so I decided to go for just that as it is easy to dress up or down with the right shoes and accessories.

When looking for a tee as we are very slowly moving into spring I thought a lighter colour would be best but Adams not a huge fan of colour so I went for light grey from Superdry's classic range. The faded logo adds a bit of character to the outfit which gives it a vintage style feel.

With the jeans as this is a staple item I wanted to go for something a little different to what Adam usually wears as what is the point in having two of the same?!? There was so much choice: slim, skinny, straight, distressed and even vintage how do you choose!! After having around 10 styles in my maybe pile I went for some Corporal Slim Jeans in light blue, slightly bleached. The fit of these was really nice; I am really not a fan of a guy in skinny jeans unless you have really skinny legs! And the detailing on the back pockets was a nice touch as well.

If you are struggling to style your partner I have some tips that could come in handy:

1. You can never go wrong with tee and jeans combo 
2. With jeans don’t stick to the same, go for something a bit different such as lighter or faded.
3. Like a girl who loves her handbags men love their watches a silver watch will always go well with a casual or smart outfit.
4. A smart pair of boots makes any tee and jeans combo look BOOM.
5. No extra accessories required!

Do you enjoying styling your partner?
In collaboration with Superdry but my thoughts and love for being a stylist to my man is all me! 

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