Friday 13 May 2016

Friday Favourites: 13th May 2016

Sorry I have been so poo at being a blogger this week and posting nothing. I am currently sitting on my couch really unwell with a tissue shoved up one nostril. Sexy I know. This week is the last week I had Robbie Kay aka my baby bro in town and it is sad he is gone but I get the TV back YAY and NCIS is on right now oh and Geordie Shore is back and Gaz and Charlotte are getting it on...

So not much has been happening in my life this week but I will share a bit of love for a few of my favourites:

A Tiny Petal
I love flowers especially when they come in the mail and how cute is this tiny orchid!!! It is so precious and the pot came with my blogs name on the side...these special mementos can be sent for every special occasion from Flowercard they have lots of different types of flowers and you can personalise them in a range of ways.
It was a mistake to leave the comfort of my own home and go to an event but who could say no to the beauties at Debenhams and the sexiness of YSL? Certainly not me, but after a champers I was ready to get a burrito and get in bed. Anyway the event was to launch the most colourful collection YSL has ever seen. They are shaking up the way we use makeup by tempting you to mix up all the colours even you bottom lash and top should be different. It does sound a little bit crazy but perfect for the festival / party season. My favourites from the YSL Beaute Mascara Vinyl Couture collection is No2 'I'm Unpredictable' a subtle aubergine colour and this fits like a glove with No 4 'I'm The Illusion' a deep hazel colour'. All the colours are highly pigmented and there are lots more in the range which I cant wait to try. Each Mascara Vinyl Couture is 25.
Pinterest Me
I am back to being an official Pinterest geek (find me over on here) and I am making loads of new boards to cover all types of things that I love including Weddings. I know what you are thinking and NO I am not getting married but lots of my friends are and its great to make a group to share all the things you want at your wedding, such as this amazing dress, so Pinterestworthy! This beauty is from Teokath a boutique in my old hometown of Wimbledon from designer Lusan Mandongus.
It's Holiday Time
Its Summer guys and I am hooked on hunting for holidays I recently went to Central America to Guatemala and Belize and oh it was heavenly I will have all the deets up on the blog including a VLog - keep your eyes peeled.

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