Monday 16 May 2016

Cocktail Recipe: The Sloe Spring

Afternoon lovelies it is the start of a new week and with the sun coming out most weekends I thought I would share a fun twist on one of my fave soft drinks: Appletiser and turn it into an easy to make cocktail. 

You may have seen an article recently where I was mixing cocktails with Appletiser at Ascot (you can see it here) and they tasted delicious, I never knew how good Appletiser tasted with different mixers. When I found a spare weekend I decided to make my own and after lots of 'mistakes' I have perfected the 'SLOE SPRING'. The core component of the drink is of course Appletiser with blackberries. 

Blackberries are usually only talked about in the Autumn but they are looking ripe and juicy at the moment and still very tasty. So mix both of these with sloe berries and you get a dreamy drink for Spring or The Sloe Spring.
the sloe spring cocktail
the recipe
50ml Sloe Gin
2 x Tbsp Sugar
100g Blackberries + Extra to decorate
Sprig of Thyme

  1. Make a blackberry puree: Blend or mash 100g Blackberries with the sugar.
  2. You will need to sieve the puree to remove any seeds.
  3. Fill a cocktail shaker with ice then add 2 tsp of the blackberry puree
  4. Add 50ml of Sloe Gin (if you are feeling really wild you could create your own Sloe Gin)
  5. Shake well
  6. Fill a glass with ice, strain mixture into the glass.
  7. Top up with Appletiser 
  8. Decorate as you wish I went for blackberries on a cocktail stick and then a sprig of Thyme as it compliments the flavours perfectly. 
To see this recipe on the Appletiser Moments page head here.
blackberries and thyme
appletiser cocktail
appletiser with sloe gin
cocktail making
blackberry puree

the sloe spring
the sloe spring
 In collaboration with Appletiser but all thoughts and love for delicious cocktails are my own.

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