Tuesday 31 May 2016

How to start a blog

This is a blog dedicated to all my lovely readers who have been asking 'How do you go about starting a blog?' instead of a rambling email I thought I would ramble through a blog post. Now obviously this is just for starters there is lots more your can do but I am starting right from the beginning. If you want me to add any section please comment below.

When I started Time2Gossip I was a bit scared of being in the public eye and I did not want people to know it was me writing so I did not want to use the simple option of my own name. Thining about it now it would have been easier! After brainstorming for a while I went for a tongue n' cheek name of Time2Gossip, it is a little bit cheesy and maybe it is slightly an unprofessional name but Time2Gossip was born. 

TIP: Before you finalise your name check the core social media channels and that a URL is available. Sometimes using your actual name can be the easiest thing.
You have the name and if you are going to write blog and not just a YouTube channel or Instagram feed then there are two main options for a platform:
1. Blogger: I use blogger, it is simple to use and easy to setup. You can have a pretty looking blog in just a few clicks.
2. Wordpress: Now I do not know too much about Wordpress but over the past few months I have been thinking that it might be worth the big move. With more features and better SEO functions, it could be the better option for me. There are some downsides though it is a lot more complicated to function and with so many apps and add on's there is a lot more to choose from so added confusion.

There are so many different social media channels, it is hard to decide which one to go for...Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram and many more. It is important to choose the most important channels for your content I personally focus on Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat as my core channels.

TIP: It might be worth reserving your name in the majority of the channels, even if you are not going to use them straight away.

To start a blog you do not really need much, just a creative mind but I thought I would share the equipment I use just in case you are looking to take the next step.
Laptop:I upgraded my laptop situation in December when my brother gave me his old Laptop a MacBook Pro and it has really transformed the way I blog. It is a lot faster and iMovie has helped my develop my Youtube channel.
Notebook: I was given a Bullet Notebook and I LOVE it, I find it so useful to jot down all my ideas, keep track of my content etc
Camera: I am currently using an Olympus PEN E-PL7, you have probably seen a lot of bloggers posing with these because they are pretty, compact and amazing quality. I have two lens a 45 mm lens which makes me look so pretty and blurred in outfit shots and a 14-42 mm lens for more generic shots.
Phone: I upgraded in September last year to the iPhone 6s as the camera on the 5 was pretty pants.

The next bit of equipment I am thinking of investing in is some home studio lighting, when UK weather is a little bit pants.

So you have everything ready to go but what are you going to write about? Do you have a defined theme: beauty, travel, fashion, wedding or a little bit of everything.

I have a monthly content strategy that I plan around loosely but try and post about three times a week. When you have finished your post remember to label your post with relevant tags and add a relevant search description and add ALT text description to all of your images  (this all helps with SEO).
So you can either get images from PR agencies or there are free stock images websites but if you are going to take you own images you will need to do a bit of editing. I use a few different things on my phone FaceTune and VSCO are the main ones and I usually just brighten my images and sharpen them slightly. For my website banners I use Canva.

TIP: Make sure your photos are not HUGE best is to be 70-200kb.
So I have no idea how useful this is but hope it helps. Anything you need me to add just let me know.

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