Thursday, 27 October 2016

MAXimise your morning routine

MAXimise your morning with Shreddies! I could always do with extra time in the morning…there is always a million different things to do; especially with my recent house move (I have NO furniture!). So I have taken inspiration from the Shreddies MAXimise challenge to get up that little bit earlier and do something you would not normally get to do fueled by Nestlé’s new cereal Shreddies MAX granola!

Finding time to even have breakfast is a struggle. I am guilty of replacing it with a Red Bull or Lucozade, which is the worst thing ever, I hate myself a little every time I buy one before 9am!

So what did I do this week when I set my alarm half an hour earlier and dragged my butt out of bed:

Monday: I hit the snooze button and got some more sleep – my challenge is going well!

Tuesday: I made myself breakfast in my new home with Shreddies MAX, Greek yogurt and fruit! YUM

Wednesday: I read the latest House Beautiful magazine to get some furniture inspiration.

Thursday: I spent more time getting ready so I didn’t need to do my makeup on the train or tie my hair up to hide it.

Friday: It's the day before the weekend so I just lay in bed and chatted to Adam and our cat Dylan!

This week has inspired me to start utilising that extra half an hour and ensure I keep eating breakfast. The new Shreddies MAX is delicious it’s a new granola with Shreddies pieces and crunchy oats providing lots of protein goodness - great post-workout treat as well! You can get Oat Granola and Cranberry & Oat Granola not only a good source of protein it is also made with whole grain, so high fibre, low in saturated fats and made with no artificial colours or flavours

If you want something a bit more funkier than milk go for my favourite:
Natural Greek yogurt
Chia Seeds
Shreddies MAX Protein
This post in in collaboration with Nestle but my thoughts and need for more hours in the day is a real struggle and all me! 
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Friday, 21 October 2016

Competition: Pen a Poem

I hope to get every one of my readers in a creative mind set today. I am not an artist or that good at being creative but I like to give it a good go! Obviously I like writing and I am even thinking of taking up knitting to knit a massive chunky merino wool blanket – look how pretty they are! Now I am bringing my award winning poem skills back into action (this time I won't be plagiarising) don't judge I was like 8.

Why am I talking about being creative?! Because it's bloody important, not only for the world but for yourself and your mind. I find colouring helps my stress levels and controls my anxiety and I only started this year. Great Western Railway just revealed that over a third of people in the UK are letting their creativity die just because they are "adults”this makes me cry and this is such a poor excuse.

Do not worry though GWR, with writer and musician Alex James has launched a national poetry competition encouraging passengers to pen a poem inspired by the incredible country views when traveling through the West Country. So grab a pen and hop on a GWR train. Many award winning writers have used rail travel as inspiration think of J K Rowling and Harry Potter.

This competition is not just for fun there is an amazing prize to be won: free rail travel for a year on GWR, as well as a selected 'immersive' seat - with the best views in the 'house' perfect for any budding creative. Your winning poem will also become famous featuring on station posters around the GWR network.

Be quick through as the first 50 to enter will receive a free GWR ticket - how can you not enter it is free travel!

To enter the competition, please visit here for more information and T&C's. Entries close on 3rd November. 

To inspire you, you can read Alex James's poem Inspired Lines and below is a little one I came up with:

My Poem for Great Western Railway

"Jump on a train with Great Western Railway.
See the sights and sounds whilst your country bound,
Grab a pen,
Grab a notebook,
And start writing right away.
Who knows you may even get to...
Jump on a train with Great Western Railway
Every single day....FOR FREE"

This post is a collaboration. 
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Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sleep Tight

2016 has not been a great year for sleep it takes me a while and once I am asleep I wake up and various points worrying about work, Dylan (my cat) and most recently my impending house move....

I was delighted when Holland & Barrett started recommending products to aid sleep and challenging you to to see if they improve your sleeping habits within just 7 days. You first need to delve a bit deeper into your sleep habits to work out the best products for you. Holland & Barrett have a fun little sleep quiz on there website to work out which type of sleeper you are looking at what is usually on your bedside table.

After taking the quiz I am definitely 'The Caffeinator' not that I am drinking Coffee but Lucozade and Red Bull has become a little bit of a habit I need to kick when I am feeling sleepy or a bit grumpy.
Holland & Barrett sleep challenge
"Most of us are sucking back far more caffeine every day than we should be. You wouldn't think a cup of coffee, tea or that can of coke would be a problem, but they actually block the receptors that produce the feeling of tiredness."

Most of us are drinking far too much caffeine every day than we should be. Some may think this has little to no effect on their sleep, but caffeine actually hinders your body’s ability to tell you that you’re feeling tired and disrupts a peaceful nights sleep but it's hard to give up. Holland & Barrett sent me a sleep pack to get me back to having the best nights sleep I have had in a long time the pack came with decaf, a selection of herbal teas and remedies and a silk pillow which I have been after for a while, not only does it help give you a luxurious night sleep but helps your skin a hair!
Holland & Barrett sleep challenge
Also most products are half price, H&B always have a good deal going on:
Hope this helps you in getting a good night sleep.
  Holland & Barrett sleep challenge

 This is a sponsored post but my love / need for sleep is real! 
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Monday, 17 October 2016

8 tips for flying short haul

Oh hello! So with five flights before the end of the year I thought I would dedicate a blog to flying and hopefully impart some wisdom to make your flight a little more enjoyable. Sometimes I feel like an airplane is my second home! My latest flight was with Air France to the beautiful, Paris and with a little over an hour it is one of the shortest, short haul flights you can get. Air France have fab flight times if you are planning on not taking any extra holiday off work for just a weekend getaway. The Friday flight was at 8:30 pm from Heathrow and we headed home at 8 pm on the Sunday which was just perfect and you can get flights from £78 return from Heathrow. 

Okay so let’s get to the reason for this article: Tips to make your short haul flight more enjoyable.
Air France Paris
1. Be Comfortable
It’s still a flight babe, not a fashion show! Get comfy, it may be your Abercrombie comfy pants or a cute comfy t-shirt dress; I wore a t-shirt dress from Primark with tights and ankle boots (because its finally autumn in the UK) and remember a jumper! TIP: Take a pair of slipper socks. Flights usually have the air-con blasting and it is always nice to be cosy whilst sitting down for an hour.

paris2. Make use of the free WIFI
It is not just on the plane you have to keep yourself busy, the majority is waiting around for your flight at the airport and you want to save your pennies for Paris. So make use of the free WIFI, (it also uses less battery). For me I spent my time eating and planning my trip in Paris with the Air France city guide, which is so easy to use and has heaps of useful tips, so you can plan your perfect weekend.

3. Choose the perfect seat
When picking your seats go for where you are most comfortable I find for short haul, window is best as I can rest against it or Adam. I find the seats at the front and the back of the plane are a NO NO, you get people loitering near the toilet and staff going back and forth and the back row is usually smaller so that is a definite NO GO AREA.

4. Hand luggage
If you are going on a short haul flight just take hand luggage – but don’t go OTT. Most people will have some type of hand luggage and the overhead storage is usually full if you are last to get on the plane. Also if you are lucky enough to take a handbag which is not considered as hand luggage (thanks Air France) then take something compact so it does not take up all your precious leg room, and that you don’t put shoe marks over your lovely bag.

5. See if there are any cheap upgrades
With your flight being in the next 30 minutes there may be some extra leg room seats or VIP spots that didn't end get snapped up and you might end up getting something a litter cheaper – it is worth a cheeky ask. Also listen out whilst I was flying home there was a call out for a flight to Japan for £250. I didn’t realise airlines still offered last minute flights anymore, it’s a shame I had to get back to the UK.
6. Do not buy a Samsung Note 7
If you are a frequent flyer you may have heard that the Samsung Note 7 has one major flaw it blows up whilst on charge and it has to be turned off on an airplane, I am surprised they even let people on! If you have one, change it now – they say any PR is good PR but not sure every flight announcing this can be considered good PR…

7. Key beauty essentials
You will know what key beauty essentials you need for an airport visit and a short haul flight but I take my Nivea tinted moisturiser as the flight can dry out your skin. I also have an obsession with hand cream for me it is an essential for any flight, a roll on, I actually brought a newbie is Sephora and it smells divine. You can never go wrong with a good lippy to make sure you look on point when you step off the flight, even if you are in joggers.

8. Entertainment
The flight is short so you don’t need too much to keep yourself entertained, it could be write a blog post, read a book, colour in or have an hours nap.

What are your tips to flying short haul?
8 tips for flying short haul
8 tips for flying short haul
8 tips for flying short haul
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