Tuesday, 19 July 2016

On-demand beauty with Missbeez

I don't know about you but there are never enough hours in the day, with a full time job and working as a full time blogger, I work pretty crazy hours. Beauty treatments like a hair treatment, waxing, manicures, pedicures and lashes are not only a luxury, they are maintenance for your body and sometimes rushing on your lunch hour or travelling home late after is not so luxurious! Well I have found the answer, not sure why I have not thought of this before but bring the beauty treatments to your home or office for on-demand beauty during lunch, after work or at the weekend. On-demand beauty is transforming the way busy woman consume beauty services and this all thanks to Missbeez.

MISSBEEZMissbeez app is a simple way to book a beautician to your home or your office (or wherever you are!) and is currently available in specific locations in London’s zones one, two and three, which is fab as I live in Streatham which most people *cough* Deliveroo don't bother coming to!! If you do not live in these areas do not worry, Missbeez are looking to expand to Greater London in the next few months. 

I had a mani, pedi but you can also get hair removal, lashes and eyebrow shaping with make-up, spray tan and hair treatments to come shortly. On my toes I went for a lovely coral colour from Essie, which I think is tangerine. The amount of colours my beautician had was insane. After deciding on colours my job was done so I just relaxed with Sunday Morning Brunch in the background - because I am cool and like to think of food on Sunday mornings. For my hands I went for a more neutral gel polish that came out quite creamy with a tinge of pink which I am head over heels for.

MISSBEEZIt is nice change to turn your lounge into a bit of a spa for the morning and I can imagine this would be fun with a few friends, a few bottles of bubbly, candles and a few Missbeez beauty professionals on hand to deliver treatments.  

If you are a dab hand at beauty Missbeez are big advocates of empowering self-employed woman to grow their own business and reach financial independence, which is just the icing on the cake for me. It is nice when a brand is helping the overall industry and well as their own business.

As an added bonus, Missbeez offer £20 off your first treatment (use my link bit.ly/29VBoEw) meaning a gel manicure which normally costs £29, will only cost £9! With that price, you would be crazy to miss out! 
fiona kay
gel manicure
essie pedicure
gel manicure

This post is sponsored but all opinions and my love for on-demand beauty and time saving luxuries are all ME. 
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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Bake Box: Decorate with Flowers

Hello lovelies, I have been getting my bake on recently and as an ambassador of Bake Box get ready to hear about them ALOT! Now I do not pretend to be Mary Berry. I usually stick to easy to make recipes but I do love to bake, watching The Great British Bake Off is one of the main highlights of my year NO JOKE. That is what Bake Box is all about though, you do not need to a professional to love to bake and Bake Box provide all the tools required so you just need to follow the recipe.

The latest Bake Box plays homage Flowers and decorating with floral bouquets in mind or with actual edible flowers. 'Decorate with Flowers' comes with six new easy to make recipes and some amazing equipment to make you design like a pro.
Floral Celebration Cake: become a pro at sugar craft with the flower cutters provided to make this absolute showstopper. You can make your cake with as many colours as you like, I am thinking of yellows and oranges for a full on Summer feel..

Blackberry & Apple Pie: I love that Bake Box is branching out and not just concentrating on cakes. You get an amazing pie top cutter and by adding some food colouring you can create an explosion of colour to brighten up the top instead of just crust.

Rose Cake: Sometimes simplicity is actually the only thing you need to do. You get a huge rose mould to make the cake so there is not too much that can go wrong with the decoration.

Flowerpot cupcakes: Now these look a little more difficult but use the flower plunger cutters and you can always just make cupcakes if you cant find a flowerpot mould!

Mini Cheesecakes: I am definitely making these next! Cheesecakes with salted caramel and use the chocolate deco mat for the delicate decorations on top.

Flower Jellies: Now I am going to give you the whole recipe for these with some an easy shortbread recipe on the side. Perfect for a summer barbecue or soiree. 
Prep Time: 40 minutes
Cooking Time: 8 minutes

Ingredients: Jellies

  • 400 ml cold water
  • 8 sheets of leaf gelatine
  • 1 tbsp elderflower cordial
  • 4 tsp rose water
  • A few drops of grenadine
  • Unsprayed edible flowers
Ingredients: Shortbread Biscuits
  • 175g unsalted butter
  • 1/2 lemon zest
  • 75g icing sugar
  • 225g plain flour
  • 40g cornflour
  • 2 tbsp caster sugar
How to make the jellies:
  1.  Add gelatine leaves to 300ml of the water. Leave to soak for 5 minutes.
  2. Heat the remaining 100ml until just boiling. Squeeze the gelatine leaves and keep the left over water. Stir them until they have melted and add the remaining water.
  3. Add the elderflower cordial, rose water. Add enough grenadine just to tint the water (I think i went a tad overboard as mine look a little purple)
  4. Transfer the mixture to a jug then add edible flowers to the 4-cup flower mould, you only need 3/4.
  5. Pour in the jelly. The flowers seem to pop back up I did try pushing them down but I didn't really work so leave them in the fridge for 30 minutes then have a go.
  6. Leave the jellies for 4 hours or even overnight.
  7. To un-mould run a sharp knife around the top of each then carefully ease the jelly out - take your time with this or you will end up with a mess. A tasty mess though. 
How to make the biscuits:
  1. Pre-heat the oven at 180c.
  2. Place in a bowl the butter, lemon zest, icing sugar. Sieve the flour and cornflour then mix. Then knead lightly until smooth and form a ball.
  3. Place between baking parchment and roll until 5mm. Chill for 30 mins.
  4. Remove the top sheet of parchment paper then cut out the flowers with the largest cutter.
  5. Gently move the biscuits onto a new piece of baking parchment and chill for 15 mins.
  6. Sprinkle the top of the biscuits with caster sugar then cook for 9 minutes.
(Make sure the biscuits are not close together or you end up with one giant shortbread)




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Thursday, 7 July 2016

A Summer Afternoon Tea

There are many reasons to visit London this Summer. You have flower shows, Ascot, Wimbledon, Glyndebourne Opera Festival the list is endless and you can experience this all with a twist on the great British traditional Afternoon Tea at the Amaranto terrace at the Four Seasons Hotel London, Park Lane. If you have not been to the hotel it is in the heart of Mayfair which every tourist or day out you should visit.
The updated afternoon tea aptly coined 'Journey through British Summertime' which takes you on a edible journey to all of the hot spots in London over the summer. When we arrived it was a glorious sunny day so we took advantage and sat outside in the beautiful terrace which I believe has just been updated and in the afternoon the sun streams in.

As this is not a typical afternoon tea, I started with a less ordinary drink, an Afternoon Tea cocktail which included one of my favourite cocktail ingredients, Passion Fruit. When it got served it was grand it came with the most perfect ROSE, which is a first not even the boyfriend buys me those, Amaranto was already winning over my heart without any food.
On the afternoon tea menu you receive the normal selection of traditional sandwiches with cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon with sweet English pea, crab, celery and apple, coronation chicken with creme fraiche then chicken ploughman's with cheddar and pickle. Moving on to my favourite part of afternoon tea is the scones with a mix of plain and raisins they were small but perfectly baked with a mixture of summer pudding jam (my favourite FYI), rhubarb jam and thick clotted cream.

You then journey through British Summertime with some divine pastries and cakes starting with a lemon and rose Battenberg cake and then a slice of lavender, apricot and bee pollen cake to represent The Chelsea Flower Show. Then if you still have space you move to Ascot Racecourse with a elegant roasted coffee bean cremeux, cocoa sable and hibiscus jelly inspired by the extravagant hats. Now I am not usually a coffee kinda gal but this is not overpowering, it just has a delicate touch which melts in the mouth. The next cake does not need much of an introduction as it resembles a tennis ball, HELLO Wimbledon. With a choux pastry, cherry compote and pistachio cremeux or enjoy strawberries and creme lady finger decorated in pink champagne pearls. You will be pretty full at this point but there is one last cake to celebrate the Glyndebourne Opera Festival with a Pimm's infused baba with Old royals Farms rhubarb and elderflower mousse...delicious!

After sipping a cocktail it was a swing up between some Veuve Clicquot or some tea and like a good girl I went for a herbal infusion of blackcurrant and hibiscus and it was the perfect way to end a lovely and full afternoon. 

The Journey Through British Summertime Afternoon Tea can be purchased between 3pm - 6pm daily at the Amaranto Lounge, Four Seasons, Park Lane from £42.
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Friday, 1 July 2016

Chase The Sun To Norfolk

Summer is here although you can hardly tell as its hailing, I repeat HAILING in the UK this week so this weekend I CHASED THE SUN all the way to Norfolk and guess what it was sunny all weekend!

To prepare for a weekend of sun in the UK you have to pack outfits for all weather and I love my new sunglasses from Blueprint Eyewear these ones are Elba Black Midnight, I have been after some mirrored babies for a while now and these are perfect, even in the rain I look like I am somewhere sunny. They are literally the lightest glasses I have ever owned and our super comfortable; I am guessing this is from the unique lightweight design using a polycarbonate frame. You can even design your own mirrored beauties and each one has 100% UV protection and no glare due to polarised lenses
blueprint eyewear

Outfit details: Sunglasses: Blueprint Eyewear | Leggings: Sweaty Betty ON SALE | Jumper: Primark | Backpack: Smith and Canova

So see my recommendations below for how I CHASED THE SUN glamping:


We wanted to go glamping and Wigwam Holidays features loads of lovely places to get your glamp on, we decided to go to Forest Park near Cromer, Norfolk and it was a great choice. The site was huge but there were only a handful of Wigwams so it was like we had a private section of the campsite and with a shop, pool and bar on site you don't really need to leave. I was really surprised by the wigwams they had everything you needed including a TV although the Euros and Brexit chat was banned for the weekend YAWN.
forest park wigwam

If you are chasing the sun to Norfolk you can get a train from London to Liverpool Street to Cromer and it takes under three hours. We decided to hop in a car the Peugeot 108 which is so small and cute, we are currently looking for a car as we are moving more out of London we need one and this is definitely a contender. It was surprisingly roomie for a compact car.
Peugeot 108


Visit Cromer: This little seaside town is full of things to see and do, I went down for a few hours and had a picturesque drive around. We then parked up and took a stroll to Cromer pier and brought an ice cream and played on some old school amusements.

Visit Wells-Next-The-Sea & Holkham: I know what you are thinking Wells-Next-The-Sea where is the ‘TO’ but oh well someone did not pass there English Literature GCSE but this crabbing haven is another must visit town whilst in the area with the prettiest beach in Britain which is Holkham beach. From the beach hop on the little train £1.50 a ride for something a little different and for a few £££s grab your crabbing gear from one of the many shops then eat Fish & Chips right on the harbour.
Wells-Next-The-Sea beach

So don't be down about the weather, CHASE THE SUN I know I will be and my Blueprint Eyewear sun glasses will be coming with me.

blueprint sunglasses

camping uk
Forest Park wigwam
Forest Park wigwam
Forest Park wigwam





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