Tuesday 17 May 2016

The Power of the Grape

Another stunning new product launch and they are all pretty in pink, this new collection is called VinoSource from Caudalie. I have used a few Caudalie samples before and my skin felt super smooth but I have never explored more of collection before. The main aim of VinoSource is to hydrate young skin with the power of the Grape.
I love grapes so they had me right from the get go. I could snack on grapes all day, a sweet and healthy choice which is low in natural sugars (trying to cut my sugar intake ATM so I am all about the sugar contentand it is the perfect ingredient to pack into a beauty product using mainly Merlot and Muscat 100% organic grapes with no GMOs or chemical pesticides. With the delicate nature of grapes it makes the collection suitable for all skin types.

I mentioned earlier about the pretty pink packaging and the fact it mirrors the rainbows of pinks that grapes come in makes the product even more delicious. Looking at my beauty stash there is not many pinks and it really makes the collection stand out. The entire collection has also been made handbag friendly as an added bonus.

So delving into the collection: 

Organic Grape Water 
The hero product is the VinoSource, Grape Water. Is there a grape water drink?! If not there should be I can imagine it would taste amazing and have fantastic health benefits, OOO the freshness. Getting back to the product, the Organic Grape Water has such a fresh scent, filling your senses with Grape. Made out of all natural ingredients the Organic Grape Water is one of Caudalie's best-selling products and I can see why. By spraying the mist on to your face or skin you instantly get a soothing, refreshing and moisturising sensation.  The grape water is instantly absorbed into your skin so you do not need to blot or massage.

The grape water contains anti-oxidants and minerals that help maintain the skin for a soothed and nourished feeling. The hydrating nature of the product reduces irritation and redness which I am prone to especially when its hot.

Limited Edition Bottle RRP. £6, perfect for the summer. 
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Some more products in the collection are these little moisturising tubes, full of grape goodness. Each one is £23, 40ml.
caudalie mosituriser
  • Moisturising Sorbet: A perfect treatment for sensitive skin which starts working immediately to sooth the skin. The sorbet is fill of anti-oxidants to strengthen the skin.
  • Moisturising Mattifying Fluid: This little one is there to fight shine, 100% mattifying after 1 hour and more refined skin texture. 
  • Moisture Recovery CreamCoined as a cocoon for the skin, the plant lipid nutrients care for the skin, reload the moisture and ensure its back to its supple state. 
  • Intense Moisture Rescue Cream: Nourishes the skin for skin that it soft, supple and tight. The rescue part using a blotting effect ensures that redness is eradicated.

What do you think of this juicy collection?
caudalie mosturiser

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