Thursday 11 August 2016

Easy to make Green Smoothie Bowl

I spotted these Smoothie bowls on Pinterest and they looked soooo pretty that I just had to make my own. Like a crazy person I usually have my smoothies in a in a cup but actually eating it out of a bowl took a lot longer and I believe it made me feel more full for longer.
Green smoothie bowl

  •    Coconut oil: 1 Spoonful
  •    Spinach: 100g
  •    Cucumber: 4 slices
  •    Avocado: 1/2
  •    Mango: 1 small mango
  •    Banana: 1 1/2
  •    Honey: Squeeze
  •    Almond Milk: 100ml

     To Decorate:
  •   Chia seeds: Handful
  •   Honey: Squeeze 
  •         Blueberries: Handfull
  •         Raspberries: Handfull
  •         Banana: 1/2

  •       Mix the Chia seeds and the honey together and bake in the over at 200 degrees for around 10 mins. Keep turning. Let the chia seed mix cool then brake is off to decorate.
  •       Place the almond milk, honey, coconut oil, spinach, cucumber, avocado, mango and banana into the smoothie maker.
  •  Decorate how you crazy!
Voila, a good green smoothie bowl!

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