Monday 15 August 2016

9 ideas for the perfect day at home

So what does a gal do, when her boyfriend keeps leaving every weekend? for a stag do and now training in Manchester. Do I...go uni life or just Netflix and chill. Hello I am an old Woman and Netflix and chill sounds like the best idea in the world, so I am going to share how you can have the best day at home by your self and treat your self to a bit of luxury at home and indulgence - sounds good right?!
perfect day at home on your own
1. Stock The Fridge
Getting a takeaway is great and everything but when you are on your own and being conscious about whats inside your meal. It is best to just make some pretty sexy looking food for breakfast, lunch and dinner from scratch and throw in some indulgent snacks. Oh HI Häagen-Dazs new stick bars, you little slice of heaven, you.

Breakfast: Green Smoothie Bowl

Lunch: Steak with Avocado Salad

Dinner: A Mexican feast for one see my Cinco De Mayo inspired recipes for inspiration.

2. Get Comfy
This is one of the most important things when you are spending the day at home on your own. I will grab my UGG slippers, it doesn't matter how hot it is along with some comfy PJ pants and maybe one of my boyfriends t-shirts (not because I am missing him and cant cope for 24 hours without him) because why are men's t-shirts more comfy than womans?! Or go crazy and buy some new Pyjamas from Primark.

3. Book A Home Spa Treatment / Do It Yourself
Hello Missbeez, come back and give me a manicure. You only need to click a few buttons on your iPhone and its done and pretty cheap as well. Or grab your pamper pack: face masks, foot spa, gel manicure set and do the work yourself.

4. Prep The TV
If you are a Sky lover make sure leading up to your evening on your own, you have your fave TV. For me at the moment is would be: Celebrity Big Brother, House, Don't Tell The Bride, 16 & Pregnant oh and I have finished it but if you have not you need to turn on Netflix right now and watch STRANGER THINGS..ONE WORD...AMAZING.

4. Indulge
When I want to indulge at home especially when its hot, ice cream is the best medicine and for me Häagen-Dazs wins every time and is a true moment of indulgence instead of swallowing it whole like most other treats. Its what's inside that matters and the new stick bars have the best high-quality real ingredients with Vanilla Caramel Almond, Salted Caramel and White Chocolate & Almond. (I am currently eating the salted caramel one whilst writing this lol).

5. Turn off the internet
The world will not come to an end. I am an iPhone obsessive and a social media addict but sometimes it is good for your sanity to spend the day or evening away from the bloody thing. You will feel chilled and refreshed.

6. Activities
Okay so what do you do with no blooming internet. Do not go crazy, try one of my fave past time activities: Adult colouring book, Puzzle - my fave is Wasjig. OR if your boyfriend has the old school playstation get on Crash Bandicoot - why have PS4 not released a new one its so depressing or Spyro.

7. Sneaky Cocktail
So alcohol has not featured anywhere on my list but has its gets into the night of your great day in and especially when you own a bar cart its kinda a must. So pre night in do some research on Pinterest for the prettiest looking cocktail you can find then have a go at making it - maybe something in a pineapple? if your out of ideas you can try some cocktail recipes on another post.
9. Bath
A bath is not for everyone but for me grab a magazine and a glass of prosecco and fill the tub with a million bubbles and I am a happy gal. Its simple luxuries in life.

I hope this list of ideas for the perfect day in by yourself is helpful it certainly is what I have been doing for the past two weekends!!! Any ideas or tips let a gal know.

This post was created in collaboration with Häagen-Dazs to celebrate the launch of the three new stick bar flavours, available from most convenience stores, Tesco Express and Co-op shops.

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